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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

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    Keisha must have forgotten to inform us?
  2. Maybe we didn't solve the subliminals...
  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Any hint of anything or was it just a standard slot to promote the one night only gig?
  4. No hint unfortunately hoping they use the time before summer shows to get back in the studio
  5. We Caught Up With The Sugarbabes

  6. Standing tickets appear to have all sold on Ticketmaster
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  7. kal


    Okay, wow, this is selling unexpectedly quickly.
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  8. Just as well I had a change of heart and nabbed myself 2 tickets earlier..!
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  9. I’m just so happy and proud of Siobhan for getting to sing at the O2.
  10. Some of the ticketprices are insane though!

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  11. Damn, for that price they better be pulling out a fourth stool for me to perform the Overload choreo!
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  12. You'll be screaming sitttuuuuuaaaatioooooooooooooon from the standing stalls and love it.
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  13. I desperately want to hear them perform Drum, because of that stunning outro
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  14. Not news, but I wanted to comment on how beautiful they looked when I met them at the London show. Of course they look great in pictures, but in the current age of photoshop you never know, but they were stunning in person. It's crazy to think they've been back together for like 10 years, but it really looks like time hasn't passed. Physically they scream superstars, but they were so nice and down to earth.
  15. kal


    Keisha teased on Instagram that she'll be dropping a new vlog this week, and probably next week too.
  16. They’re doing that National Lottery thing tonight. Is it on TV? If so, when?
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  17. I found this: You can watch all the action when the show airs on ITV and ITVX over the festive season.
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  18. Doing a quickly-knocked-off cover version for Comic Relief/Children in Need is a bit of an unwritten tradition.
  19. They performed a medley of Overload and About You Now.
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