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Heidi and Amelle. The bullying got so bad that Amelle had to check into a treatment centre. When Amelle said she had enough, Heidi decided she wanted to go with her, meaning K*isha probably made her life a misery too. I’m glad Amelle has managed to get over the trauma of what she went though.
Honestly, after what they pulled, I find Heidi and Amelle as tolerable as Jesy Nelson (the damage they caused is probably even worse). It's fascinating to me how people can be fans of Keisha and at the same time, talk about dreaming to have H & A back...
To think that if Amelle had it her way, we probably would have had a TV show with her, were she would "go pick a new bunch of Sugababes" is still triggering to me.
Ahhh would it be a Sugababe thread if it wasn’t this messy? Line up changes, legal battles, bully claims - it’s never not going to be messy.

Back to the current Sugababes lineup, are we anticipating the Woman’s football gig will be televised? Will this be their first proper gig in the UK since the tour?
That's true. Keisha also said that she would never want to work with Amelle and Heidi again. Her reasons for that are evident and should be respected.
Yeah. I'm fine with that. Heidi was always my favorite member, but that doesn't mean I didn't like all the others. I'm happy that MKS are the Sugababes again and I look forward to new music from them.

I think it would be nice if Heidi & Amelle would do something as a duo. I'd even be OK if Jade joined them, but then there would be MKS vs HAJ. Maybe it was just Heidi & Amelle there would be less animosity toward them (Who I am kidding? Ha!). But I'd like to think that after so long, we could just be happy for all of them in future endeavors and leave the past in the past. But I would like Heidi & Amelle as a duo. Just saying.