Oh I already got it coming (it's probably in my mail today) I just need to know if there's a point of making a seperate rip of it to add to my iTunes next to the digital copy.
Probably not as no one has mentioned that. The only thing I’ve heard is that on vinyl they sound like chipmunks at times.
Just rewatching parts of the Catfights and Spotlights documentary and it's funny how much Keisha mentioned Siobhan around this time. It's not like it was 'a lot,' but considering before there was barely any mention of her it seems that maybe she was reminiscing the journey of the group. I remember lots of people noticed when she included her in the album thank yous.

It's also funny that they were supposed to take a break after Change but instead went directly to work on the new hindsight it probably was not a good move.