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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    I find it kind of endearing actually - I mean, she was 15...
  2. I agree, i can think of much worse than sisqo actually.
  3. I know she was 15, but still Sisqo????!!!!

    With that being said, I completely agree with her fandom over Romeo Dunn. Swoon worthy.
  4. Don't really care for One Touch, its my least favorite album. Apart from Overload which is just okay and Run For Cover I don't like the rest. Their harmonies aren't all that, Mutya and Keisha's voices still hadn't bottomed out. It had good vision; would have been awesome to hear out a follow up from them though.
  5. I agree it isnt Keishas greatest album, vocally.
  6. I think we'll see the originals reformed quite soon. In some way, at least, possibly during a Keisha solo performance and then suddenly Mutya and Siobhan walk out the dance in my avatar!

    Possibly not the last bit. The others would be gutted though and their controlling management would probably moan a lot.
  7. I'm really glad Keisha is in contact with Mutya and (more importantly) Siobhan. The reunion could still happen then.
  8. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    I like the fact that their mutual hatred of something has brought them back together - somehow, there's something very "Sugababes" about that.
  9. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Ah yes, definitely not desperation.
    Hence why it's Mutya and Siobhan wanting to do it and not the one with the recording contract.
  10. kal


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  11. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    Desperation, hatred, lesbianism - whatever gets a proper Sugababes reunion going will be fine by me!
  12. Keisha would be stupid not to launch a solo career now. You have to give her a shot at it... the reunion is a backwards step. She's never had a solo contract so let's see what she can or can't do. She has the biggest profile and the lowest expectations... no one is expecting her to be any good or to sell very well, previous solo babes have been expected to have great success. Third time lucky?
  13. I think keisha is set to have a big solo album, she said she has big things planned but she doesnt want to say just yet... im interested in who the producers she been working with in america.
  14. RJF


    Right, my review of One Touch.

    I've had this album for ages and I've really only ever played the singles. As someone who came into the band during the second line-up, this is not my line-up. Thus, properly going over this (Heidi-less) debut was a strange experience, made even stranger by the sudden thought that the next Sugababes record features none of these singers. Then I was quite sad indeed, because after going through this album properly for the first time... It's quite excellent.

    The fact that all three girls were so young worked for them rather than against them for this album. A lot of the lyrics, delivered by more mature singers, would come off as a little syrupy and childish. The title track, "One Touch", "Real Thing" and "Look At Me" are definitely songs that, if the three girls were to perform them now, it would seem a little silly. That said, there are songs that are completely ageless too and it's astonishing to hear them being sang with such conviction by teenagers. "New Year", an anthem of fatigue, fear, and heartbreak manages to be convincing when, perhaps in the hands of less talented singers their age, would have been pitifully melodramatic. As it is, I think it's one of the albums triumphs that can speak to anyone. On the other end of the emotional end of the scale, the ice-cool sultry of "Overload" really shouldn't sound so effortless and amazing in the hands of young singers. It's easily the best track of the album as well and a fitting debut for a band that would go on to produce so much good music.

    I discovered a love for quite a few tracks as well. "One Foot In" has such a catchy chorus, the vocals on "Soul Sound" are so smooth and easy to listen to. The intimacy of the production on "Just Let It Go" and "Promises" which lets the girls voices shine only gives both songs more an emotional punch. "Run For Cover", the song where Keisha finally comes alive (More on that soon.) to close the album might be one of my favourite Sugababes songs, but that was already the case before doing this. Its placement on the album is entirely appropriate.

    Its not all amazing though, I'm afraid. "Same Old Story", like someone has already said, has aged horribly. The production is really uninspired and the girls are forced to borderline rap the versesto keep up with the jittery beat before going into a rather bland chorus where they sound bored as hell. And while lyrically, the album is mostly sound, "One Touch" and "Real Thing" are verging on precocious I don't think I'll be returning to them any time soon. The album's age shows in places too with the odd piece of stodgy production seeming a little second-rate with ten years of music between me and it. But the majority of the time, the production gives it a really intimate feeling.

    To the singers themselves, this really is the Mutya & Siobhan show. If there was ever an indicator that Keisha was the last member of the band to be added, then it shows in the fact that she really doesn't have a memorable moment until the very end with "Run For Cover". It's incredibly interesting, as on this album, I feel she is the least talented and most underused, but she grew up to be a powerful force in the music that she went on to make. Perhaps the combined presence of Siobhan and Mutya was a little suppressive? Oh, and as someone who also came in after Siobhan left, I had a little trouble telling her and Mutya apart some times. "Soul Sound" in particular.

    Overall, I'm glad I did this, because I have a new respect for an album I had never really given a chance and a new respect the first line-up. The saddest thing for me is that One Touch feels... unfinished. It's the foundation for greatness rather than fully fledged greatness, and we will never know what this potent combination of people could have accomplished together as they grew up. It's such an interesting retrospective. Few bands have such a strongly documented maturation.

    ...If you get through all that, well done.
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  15. Oh, I somehow managed to forget to mention the single most annoying thing about the album, and again it's about Same Old Story: I hate it when people write swearing into songs and then only release a censored version [by which I mean blanked out, not a word replacement]. If you don't want to put the swearing out then don't put it in in the first place.
  16. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    I get why you feel this, mostly because a lot of One Touch was done in one vocal take. Some people will like that it has that "raw sound" (a term I hate to use, by the way) and some people are going to feel that it could've been done better. Personally, I like the fact that the album isn't "perfect", but each to their own.
  17. I haven't got One Touch yet.. But I'm gonna buy a copy on monday!

    Love Run For Cover! Overload is okay, and New Year is really good. Gonna buy the album and all the singles from that era.

    Taller will always be the best album anyway.
  18. RJF


    It's funny, I was actually only able to finally make a decision about my favourite album recently. It surprised me. It wasn't the one I thought it would end up being.

    I'll save it for when we get to reviewing it though.
  19. I think someone asked for their radio airplay peak positions along the years so here they are:

    Overload #3
    New Year #8
    Run For Cover #17
    Soul Sound ?
    Freak Like Me #1
    Round Round #1
    Stronger #1
    Shape #15
    Hole In The Head #1
    Too Lost In You #3
    In The Middle #3
    Caught In A Moment #14
    Push The Button #1
    Ugly #1
    Red Dress #4
    Follow Me Home #24
    Easy #19
    Walk This Way #54
    About You Now #1
    Change #3
    Denial #11
    Girls #1
    No Can Do #9
    Get Sexy #7
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