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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Where can I find other comics like this? I remember there was one with Mutya saying something like "gud riddance hun". I crack up everytime.
  2. Do we actually know that or is that just an assumption that we've all accepted as the official narrative???
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  3. HRH


    I believe it's an assumption but I do remember there being some interview or other where it was indirectly verified that Mutya isn't fond of Amelle. There is something missing, though. I know Mutya didn't want to be replaced by a "carbon copy" of herself, and stated as much to the girls/Crown/Island/whoever, and views Amelle as having been a "carbon copy". It's generally accepted that she despises Amelle partly or entirely because of that, but that seems unfair. As with most of these things, it's up to self-described "insiders" to verify exactly what the drama is all about.

    I will say this, though--Mutya never seemed to have a positive thing to say about anything Sugababes did after she left, which I thought was weird given the 3.0 praise that was heaped upon her by all but Heidi.
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  4. I've also wondered whether Keisha saying Change is her least favorite had as much to do with Amelle's arrival as the music itself.

    Change was a weird moment: it's a pleasant listen but a lot of it suffers from being rather uninteresting musically. I just discovered the B-side "In Recline" the other day and it blows 90% of the album out of the water. Wasn't around for the discography rate but how did it only rate at #82?!
  5. HRH


    People here automatically despise anything 3.0 did. "In Recline" is a bop and would have really spiced up the album.
  6. I feel like Change didn't really have a lot of creative input from the girls so that's why she doesn't like it.
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  7. Didn't she say no to it when someone messaged her on snapchat. She basically replied "lol".

    She made up with Amelle over Twitter last year or in 2015. It was kinda funny.
  8. HRH


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  9. All I remember is that they randomly started being sassy with each other but it seemed kinda friendly. @kal do you remember this?
  10. kal


    No. I'm mostly well versed in Mutyaology.
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  11. Been listening to the leaks the last couple of days and feeling sad for them about the situation. But there is a silver lining and that is that this is one fucked up tale to tell and will make great tv when it is finally over. Maybe 2018?
  12. Amelle slagged off Mutya’s bum implants on Twitter so Mutya replied and told her not to be bitter and not to be a copy of her in a band.

    If I remember rightly Mutya deleted the tweets after a few hours.
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  13. Oooh my God I remember. Didn't Mutya have an article saying she keeps her bum implants in a jar around the same time?
  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I think a fake Amelle account did this, which Mutya replied to in a rage, then the real Amelle jumped in to say it wasn’t her and she wished Mutya well, to which Mutya went full rage and told the real Amelle where to go even though she hadn’t actually done anything wrong.
  15. Screaming!
  16. It wasn't a fake account. It was Amelle's official account the tweets were coming from.

    It was so funny at the time. God love Mutya!
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  17. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I’d be willing to put money on it that I’m remembering it correctly because I found it so hilarious and petty and it’s stayed in my mind ever since.
  18. I think you're right!
  19. Both are true. The first one was just Mutya attacking "fake Amelle" account (even though it was obviously fake) and like year later or so Amelle made that comment about Mutya's bum. To make it even more weird soon after that Keisha and Amelle started following eachother on twitter
  20. Mutya's always been a bit of an ass. She left them at their peak her choice. Then slates members, I remember getting into a spat with her on twitter as she was retweeting trash about Heidi to which I responded without Heidi they wouldnt have had any of the success they had. To which she tweeted me a flurry of fowl language. Typical Mutya, talented but so aggressive.
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