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  1. Aggressive? You have the wrong person, of course.

    Mutya is not aggressive. She may be overly dramatic on occasion, but never has she been convicted of assault. Not yet anyway.
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  2. I just don't like the word 'aggressive' being used to describe Mutya's actions. She types in CAPS on Instagram or Twitter from time to time. To my knowledge she isn't actually violent.
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  3. kal


    Nice to know Amelle is a fan though. xx
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  4. HRH


    Amelle was always very respectful of Mutya and her legacy in interviews.
  5. [​IMG]
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  7. So can someone summarise what the situation is with MKS? Is it over? Did they get the name back?
  8. Have always thought the same. I think Mutya didn't expect the group to survive her leaving aswell as they did and was probably bitter about it immensely.

    As for the Heidi thing doesn't surprise me at all she's been shady towards Heidi ever since she didn't want to see her backstage at CDUK right after she left (very justified if you ask me Heidi had been hurt) I even remember her saying on Lorraine Kelly right after Keisha was kicked out that it would've still been the Sugababes if anyone else had left except Keisha which was a massive dig at Heidi who by that point had put in 7 and a half years as an active Sugababe.

    But each to their own.
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  9. The proceedings at the UK Trademark Office were suspended because Keisha and Crown have some legal matter pending with the UK courts. And since those legal documents are not public we won't know anything until it gets resolved.
  10. The whole "Heidi's not a real Sugababe" storyline was always tired in my eyes, especially in the 4.0 days. Yes, she wasn't a founding member, but if ANYONE in that group earned the right to the Sugababe title (besides Keisha) it was Heidi. No matter what the behind the scenes relations were like within the band, she turned up every single time with a smile on her face and put her heart into it. After nearly ten years of being in a band and people STILL saying she wasn't really a member, I can understand if she felt a little resentment to the idea of returning.
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  11. Yeah, but Heidi is not a real Sugababe though!
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Solenciennes

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    Total speculation on my part but I feel like Mutya's a restless sort of person who changes her appearance and her mind every time the wind blows and a big part of her probably regretted and resented her exit from the band, maybe if they'd given her more time off instead of persevering with the fourth album, she would have never left. I feel bad for Amelle really, she had big shoes to fill and wasn't given a chance to be much more than that which in turn I think led to 3.0 splitting up.
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  14. I remember seeing a discussion years ago that the reason Mutya was so sour is that she never really wanted to leave, she just thought that it would make her happier in the long run.
    How true that is we'll likely never know.
  15. People need to remember that Mutya was only 20 when she left the band and had a 9 month old baby to look after.
  16. Heidi is Sugababe, more than the hugely talented Siobhan. Obviously Siobhan is a founding member which deserves some credit, but in my mind she just isn't associated with their biggest hits, whereas Heidi is.

    In other news, Can We Call A Truce played on my journey to work today, I was a wreck by the final note.
  17. Heidi was a real part of the group, of course. She wasn't there from the start though, not an original or founding member. Some Heidi fans seemed to resent the fact she wasn't there from the start. And they shouldn't because she was there for their 2.0 imperial era, a brilliant phase for that version of the group. Unfortunately she was also there for the crap years of 3.0/4.0, the era of desperation and diminishing returns. It definitely affected her standing with the fans. We've gone over this though.

    Sadly, they've disappeared from history. It's like they never existed.
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  18. We interrupt this riveting debate for an important message:

    Have you guys noticed this reference Keisha sings in the bridge of "Drum"?

    Beat it like you mean it, take control
    Let's burn this night up, I'm on overload.

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  19. I love seeing you guys discussing about the ultimate Sugababe.

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