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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Everytime i see "X isnt a real Sugababe" it reminds me of Pokemon and how some people who played the game or watched the show many years ago now say "only 151 original count, the rest arent real Pokemon" which just shows their ignorance.

    They're not the ones to decide that. You can argue about their role and input but you're not the one to decide who's a member of the band and who isnt. By saying stuff like that you look like an entitled little kid who cant accept the reality
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  2. Pokemon is barbaric though. Those poor animals forced to beat each other up for the satisfaction of 'trainers'. Ban it.
  3. Sugababes are barbaric though. Those poor girls forced to go against each other for the satisfaction of "publicity" and "managers". Ban it
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  4. Which part of Crown's trademark opposition is this from?
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  5. Yeah, I can totally understand you! (see my nickname ahah, and I am a day1 player)
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  6. Keisha and Mutya use Twinspeak. Enemy's Siobhan fainted.
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  7. Mutya, Keisha, and Heidi will always be the ultimate line-up. Siobhan is an exception because of One Touch (and those great solo records). Couldn't give a toss about the rest but cheers Amelle for giving us another 2 eras. No Can Do is a tune!
  8. I was listening to the Change album today cannot believe ten years have passed. I remember listening to Change, Girls Alouds Tangled Up, Kylies X and the Spice Greatest Hits on a constant loop that last Qtr. Poptastic time.

    The first half of Change is flawless.
  10. I don’t see Jade in this photo.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. An explanation to go along with this, dates??
  13. Regent Street Christmas Lights switch on, 2013.
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  14. HRH


    Yeah, that's like 14 Mutya hair colours ago...
  15. I think Heidi has a weak voice ,live anyway
  16. I love Run for Cover.
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  17. I love No Regrets
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  18. Would be amazing to hear all the leaked songs mastered!
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  19. My Facebook reminder tells me 4 years ago today, I saw the girls in Birmingham. Sigh!
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  20. Yes!!! Imagine having the mastered version of Too In Love, Boys, I'm Alright, Today, Back in the Day, Drum...... We do know a later version of Boys, I'm Alright, Today and No Regrets exists..
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