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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hey Mr. Postman, where's the mail for my mailbox?
  2. That’s Keisha for you. It keeps her going.
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  3. No more lonely
    Now you're here, hold me
    Don't wait
    Cover me, cover me
    With arms unfolding
    I'll throw these shields away

    (Mutya you're killing me) *

    And you let me know
    You won't let me go
    I know it
    Though I'm not afraid to fall
    Cuz you love me so
    So physical
    Don't have to speak at all
  4. kal


    Mutya yer killin it!*
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  5. Victory would be good. Bet that one is in the Sia vault though.
  6. Shocking that no one has released Victory yet. Sia can flog an old demo that leaked years ago to Paloma Faith, but not a song that very few people in the world have heard that's likely incredible?
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  7. Same here, I think. I worry it'll be another Sia-by-numbers type affair, but hope the girls have enough talent between them to really make it stand out.
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  8. This leak has got me binge listening to my ”Origibabes: Sacred Three” album (my highly original name for the collection of unreleased MKS songs) and it physically hurts me all over again that this wasn’t officially released and we should be on album 2/3 (or is that 8/9) by now. Whoever’s fault this is = BASTARD!
  9. kal


    I have a feeling that this is the case. If I recall correctly, Popjustice was raving about it? And his other favorite was seemingly Summer of 99, so it's safe to assume he's not a big fan of songs that have the the girls' stamp/identity.
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  10. Thanks gurls, you're all Angels With Dirty Faces
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  11. I need it too please, any kind souls!
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  12. I actually can't be bothered to listen to it, I think I really am over it/them. It's a sad day.
  13. Its the worst song so far...

    If MKS were really over I’m sure fans would just leak the entire sessions left right and centre, as they must be in enough peoples hands.

    I hope there is some sort of announcement soon (pardon the pun).
  14. ssa


    I clearly worked all day, read it leaked on my way home and now I can't find the song. All that trepidation on the train for nothing.

    Gonna play Easy.
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  15. Love Me Hard would've made a nice album track.

    Kind of depresses me everytime a new leak comes out. Who knew that the Sugababes would end up struggling so badly, especially after chucking out 7 albums in 10 years.
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  16. Does this leak ship internationally to California inboxes?
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  17. I honestly feel the same way...
  18. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I think Sugababes were cursed with launching at the tail end of the era where pop acts were super disposable and labels were launching a dozen new acts at once and keeping the best selling two or three. I don't think the industry's improved that much but I think with social media and a much more developed sense around the way people are treated that they can't get away with as much as they used to. The label wouldn't get away with putting a statement like "oh she left because she wanted to pursue a fashion career" when the artist would be on their social media pages saying they left because they were miserable, treated differently and couldn't take it anymore.

    Siobhan quitting the band signalled that it was okay to continue to replace the girls as and when the label felt like it, and the band never really had the public on side with them because they didn't really court the media attention as much as their contemporaries.

    Looking back it's not really a surprise that they are where they are, they were doomed within their first year, but the way they handled the third line up is still so shocking to me, that kind of thing shouldn't happen in any work place, least of all such a public one. If people aren't seeing eye to eye, you sit them down, hash it out and figure out how to make it work. You don't fire one just because!
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  19. But... I bet you have listened to it and I bet you're not actually over them!!
  20. I haven't. Honestly. And... I'm really not bothered.
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