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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. There’s also “Three More Days”. A clip is floating around. I guess if we get anything else it’s most likely to be the full version of that.
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  2. I might possibly be the only one but sometimes I can't tell if it is Siobhan or Keisha going high on some parts.

    I didn't fully appreciate how Keisha and Siobhan's voices overlapping sounds great (always knew S&M and M&K sounded terrific)
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  3. Love In Stereo is THAT song. I don't know there isn't more praise for it. Sugababes have NEVER done a song so glittery and pop before. I recall someone saying it's Richard X writing for Kylie, but Love In Stereo slams you over and over again. I personally don't think we'll ever get a Sugababes song like that ever again.
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  4. I guess tastes are just different because I don't get the prais for Love In Stereo at all. It's the only song from the 2011-2014 recordings I dislike. It's glittery and pop inded but that's a combination I never want to hear from them again. I also don't see the song fit the flow of an album when I listen to the other songs. It would feel completely out of place to me. It's very Heidi and Amelle but not at all Mutya and Siobhan. I doubt it would have made it on the album and all I want from them are songs like Back In The Day, I Lay Down, Love Me Hard or No Regrets (which were all confirmed to be album favorites by the three of them).
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  5. I'm Alright, Drum, Today, and Back in the Day are my favorites of all we've gotten. I've had Love Me Hard since early August, and it's nice, but still has yet to make a big mark on me.
  6. Hit me like a hammer to a jail.
  7. Love Me Hard is definitely the most Siobhan of all the songs.
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  8. And Metal Heart and Back to Life
  9. acl


    Just catching up with the thread today and oh my goodness!

    I would be very grateful to find the full version in my inbox
  10. ME TOO!!!!

  11. And me too please? The internet has been letting me down.
  12. I've just read that there was a Sia penned track called Surrender. Was this true? I don't ever remember this at the time.
  13. A quick google would suggest that it could have been Black And Blue - which is now called Warrior on the new Paloma Faith album.
  14. And it’s still better than never getting anything.
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  15. The social media silence is weird right?
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  16. Definitely, especially considering Mutya and Keisha love Instagram... Maybe this is finally the calm before the storm?
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  17. 10/10
    Love Me Hard (I decided this was a 10 today, because it's the second time the post-chorus almost gave me an orgasm)
    I'm Alright


    Lay Down In Swimming Pools
    Summer of 99
    Burnt Out
    No Regrets (If this version included the missing Donaghy vocals, it would probably be a 9)

    Back In The Day
    Too In Love

    Love In Stereo
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  18. guys please can someone DM me LMH? We are supposed to be a community XD
  19. Love In Stereo is Saturdays to me. Not a bad thing but a track that doesn't play to this combinations strengths. They just about got away with Boys and that's enough sweetener in my tea.
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  20. ‘Love in Stereo’ is cute, something different for them and I’m happy to have it in my collection of MKS tracks but definitely not something I would build their material around.
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