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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. If anyone else has organised the leaks into an album, what artwork are you using?

    I made this for myself using a fan made recolouring of one of their photoshoots and thought I'd share it here. I like it but would like to see everyone else's! Especially if anyone has anything where the girls are pictured in the correct order: Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan.

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  2. I use this one from Coverlandia.

  3. Thats funny because if you asked Siobhan her favourites she'd probably say '99 and Love in Stereo. Siobhan is here for pop.
  4. Great taste, these are my top favourites (along with Im Alright and Boys). I hope they have more of those in their existing catalouge and will do more for their eventual album.

    I dont get why people think MKS shouldnt be very poppy. Even the One Touch material had Overload, One Foot In, Real Thing, Promises and Little Lady Love which were fairly poppy (for 1.0 that is), not to mention its pretty clear to me that MKS were trying to touch most of Sugababes albums styles, far beyond One Touch.

    What makes me curious is if among those 50 tracks there's any song that is close to Overload sound wise or style wise?
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  5. During the Google Hangout she named Beat Is Gone as her favorite which doesn't seem to to be very pop. And when asked during the PJ interview if summer of 99 would make the album she hesitated to give a answer. I totally believe that she loves these songs but she also always talked about how important it is to them to have a "body of work"...
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  6. Those are the best songs and the only ones I actually still play. Hope the album is more like that if it ever comes out.
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  7. It's all about Drum, Back In The Day, and Boys for me. Along with Flatline, those are the ones that I genuinely love.
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  8. The Popjustice’s stuff with [INCREDIBLE SONG] was such a hyperbole considering it was about Summer ‘99.
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  9. I don’t think the version we have of summer 99 is the final one.. I think there is another. It’s definitely a great pop song.
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  10. I wouldn't even care about the songs if we didn't know we had them/people didn't parade the fact they have them around. It wouldn't even be a second thought. It's more annoying knowing they're there and we can't get them, y'know?
  11. [​IMG]

    Still one of my favorite shots of them.
  12. So gorgeous.
  13. I love this but hate it because their names are in the wrong order.
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  14. Where can I listen to or download Love Me Hard?
  15. But Summer of 99 is literally INCREDIBLE?
  16. kal


    Summer of 99 is an undeniable bop. I love it when it comes on while I'm driving and I feel like I'm Mutya in a music video.
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  17. Something about "The Sacred Three" bugs me.. it sounds stuck up and bullish to the rest of the band.... Heidi is more of a Sugababe than Mutya and certainly Siobhan, she was there for ONE album so technically even Amelle would be more "Sacred" than Siobhan...

    Mutya Keisha Siobhan sounds more humble & appropiate.
  18. What does this even mean. I don't think anyone was ever assessing 'levels of Sugababesness'. Just talent. By which, the original three are pretty sacred in that they started it all and their vocal blend is second to none (not to mention writing expertise).
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    Oh God not this again.

    But Love Me Hard is great.
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