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  1. If Siobhan didn't exist on their first release, there'd be no spot for Heidi to fill. They each brought their own degrees of class and necessity to their contributions to the Sugababes. The whole authenticity argument is played out. They're both Sugababes of their own making.
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  2. kal


    Ugh. I just dreamt I'd bought a load of Mutya and Sugababes CDs off eBay and there were loads of unreleased and demo songs on them. Shame I woke up before I got to listen to them.

    There was also some random ass Russian magazine with 2.0 on the cover. It was called Anal Beads Magazine
  3. Is there still a way to manually add your own artwork on iTunes? I used to do it all the time, but feel like with all the iTunes updates that’s a feature that has disappeared.
  4. On Windows - Right click the album > Album Info > Artwork. You can copy and paste artwork into the window or click Add Artwork to locate an image on your computer. It might be slightly different on Mac.
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  5. All those artworks posted on the last page are great but they don't work when you have them down as the Sugababes on iTunes. I refuse to call them Mutya/Keisha/Siobhan.
  6. This is so stunning and would have made a beautiful album cover.

  7. Did they record Warrior?
  8. And they're in the correct order!

    This would also work if it was reversed.
  9. I hope someone makes an album cover/inlay etc out of the lake shoot. It'd be perfection.
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Thank you!!! I was too lazy/technologically insufficient to do it myself!
  12. Those photos are lovely. Do we have them in higher quality?
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  13. Amazing! Thank you.
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  14. I honestly just use this picture. It’s not very creative but it fits them perfectly in my opinion. Not the right order unfortunately!
  15. I just use the Flatline cover art unfortunately.
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  16. Back in the Day is sublime.
  17. It does work. You’re allowed to have different artwork for each album in iTunes (or for each song if you want to!)

    Surely you don’t have all of your Sugababes tracks (across multiple albums) displaying the same album cover?
  18. I meant because the artworks all say MUTYAKEISHASIOBHAN and I have them down as the Sugababes. #iTunesOCD
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