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Summer Walker

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Christ she’s just so fucking ignorant and unwilling to listen to reason. I guess it’s true that you can’t reason with stupidity. Like other posters have highlighted, very interesting that she’s one to talk about social anxiety and being treated unfairly yet feels no type of way about being outwardly racist and xenophobic. And I really don’t care if her worry is rooted in what she said was “OCD” about germs and whatever.
  2. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    This did make me laugh, though. Still a classic.

  3. She staying booked and busy on so many new collabs at the moment.

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  4. I know this is Summer's thread, but Trey Songz and his son are so damn cute on that video!
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  5. It's a shame she's so openly ignorant as I already liked "Eleven" and think the version with her sounds great.
  6. Wow, "Eleven" is a fucking bop. Maybe I need to stop sleeping on Khalid.
  7. Don't worry, he's sleeping on himself too. But I love him and will eventually marry him.
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  8. I hate how good this is. I have no choice but to stream.
  9. She is an amazing artist, her debut album is pure gold. Her behaviour is problematic but the music is so good it's difficult to not stan the art.
  10. She went to the doctors office and asked for the Dawn Richard special. Aka, this girl got a whole new face

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  12. Great performance. Come Thru should have been a lot bigger imo such a jam !
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  13. I love that staging so much!
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  14. New EP out July 10th:

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  15. OMG that snippet. Can't wait.
  16. A tringle? Cool with that!
  17. 5 songs:

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