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Summer Walker

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Oop, I feel like I only caught 3 titles in the Insta video. Even better!
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  2. People dragging her on IG because it's only five songs. I have to laugh, she released an album last year with twenty songs.

    Someone even said "what you do with your time?".
  3. She snapped on Let It Go and Deeper . A cute little Ep overall .
  4. And it’s an Ep not an album what did they expect ?
  5. Really, really digging the EP. I want to drive to this while it's getting dark outside.
  6. I quite like this. It’s a vibe. The tracks with NO1-NOAH stand out the most.
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  7. it's so fucking good....that "tou-ch-ed" on Let it creative i'm dying
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  8. She is amazing to be honest, this EP is lush.
  9. White Tee is such a vibe . I slept on it when the EP came out but it’s slowly become one of my favourites.
  10. "Deeper" is a bop but that's about it for me.
  11. The whole EP is a big grower.
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  12. This . It gets better the more you play it for me .
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  13. You were absolutely right. The whole EP slaps for me now. I'm a little sad that "White Tee" is getting the push over "SWV".
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  14. My favourite song on the EP . I think this could take off if they push it I see a lot of people quoting lyrics from it online .
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  15. Yeeeeth. The video is amazing. It's very ~your local soundcloud rapper asked his girlfriend to sing on his new track and film the video down the street~. Low budget done absolutely right. Hazy, nostalgic (reminds me of French and British rap videos from the early 00s nn) and lofi-instagram-filter-esque.
    Come to think of it, Summer has a really consistent videography thus far. She never disappoints :)
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