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Sunday Girl - 'Self Control'

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tafkap, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Horrible.

    I don't know what's worse, the sacrilege of covering this masterpiece, the "iamamiwhoami meets Gossip Girl" video, the "fashion model goes Popstar" vocals or the spastic dance moves "Look at how sedated, hip and fashionable I am".

  2. No. It's very good. She's lovely.
  3. More magic from the useless folks at Geffen. Oh and Island.

  4. I can't find the video anywhere?
  5. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    It was on the front page but then they said 'oh you can't do that' so I took it off (or something)
  6. How bizarre?!

    It's on their official YouTube channel free for all to look at:

    They get free promotion from one of the biggest music blogs and forbid it, they deserve to flop. (though they're going to anyway...)
  7. She's my perfect popstar.
  8. I don't think it was necessary to strike all that model-ly poses... But still nice video.
  9. It's just a bit dead-eyed... the video and especially the song.

    Which is a shame for arguably one of the most provocative and sexually charged pop songs there has ever been.
  10. RRC


    She's just a model with a recording contract, no?

    I like the song, though, and the video's let's see how this goes.
  11. I don't agree, but there is something worse than that would be if it were accurate--and that's trying to remix the thing. Too much reverb for my limited system. That said, it doesn't need re-doing, and she is absolutely going places.
  12. I just couldn't get into this, all the moody faces and posing looks odd and I get that the vibe is quite dark but she looks miserable and disengaged. Didn't really work for me.
  13. Well I personally can't get enough of this girl, loved 'Four Floors' and her cover of 'Self Control' is glorious!

    She reminds me so much of una Healy... it's not her in disguise is it? Heh.
  14. Could Jim Eliot stop dicking around here and just get back to Kish Mauve.
  15. I love this girl. I think she's one of the more interesting new acts coming through - she looks amazing, she's got a great pop voice, and I really think her blog, and the fashion/art thing adds something to the puzzle.


    I think this video is probably the first real mis-step in the campaign. Whereas the Four Floors video was cool, but came accross as effortless and quite natural, this just seems quite forced and contrived. The dancing doesn't work, and there seems to be so much focus on the set design that there's no real connection with her as an artist.

    Saw her live at Wireless as well the other week, and hope it develops a bit live - she seemed quite awkward and uncomfortable, and certainly didn't seem to be at 'big major star' level quite yet. Songs sounded amazing though.

    Also, whilst these videos aren't exactly Gaga's 'Telephone', surely chucking big chunks of money at numerous videos for songs that aren't meant to be 'hits' is kinda risky?
  16. The Young Empires mix is magic ... I wonder if they done a more pared-down version with less bass and more subtle percussion ... would have been very mid-90's balearic but still would sound nice IMO ...
  17. Laura's version is a cover ...
    The real original version is from an Italian singer called Raf ...
    But Laura's version is the most famous!
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