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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Super Junior (Korean: 슈퍼주니어), often referred to as SJ or SuJu (슈주), is a popular boy band from South Korea formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2005.

    Leeteuk - Leader, vocalist.
    Heechul - Vocalist, rapper, diva.
    Hangeng - Vocalist, main dancer. (On Hiatus/Left)
    Yesung - Main vocalist
    Kangin - Vocalist (On Hiatus)
    Shindong - Rapper, Main Dancer
    Sungmin - Lead vocalist
    Eunhyuk - Rapper, Main Dancer
    Donghae - Lead vocalist, Main Dancer
    Siwon - Vocalist, resident hottie
    Ryeowook - Main Vocalist
    Kibum - Rapper (On hiatus)
    Kyuhyun - Main vocalist, maknae.

    2005: SuperJunior05
    2007: Don't Don
    2009: Sorry, Sorry
    2010: Bonamana
    2011: Mr Simple

    U *Where Kyuhyun came in*
    Dancing Out
    Full Of Happiness
    Don't Don
    Marry U
    Sorry Sorry
    It's You
    No Other
    Mr. Simple

    Sub Units

    Super Junior M - Based in Taiwan, making Mandarin music.

    Han Geng - Hiatus/left
    Sungmin - Came once Hangeng Left.
    Eunhyuk - Came once Hangeng left.
    Zhou Mi - Only in Super Junior M
    Henry - Only in Super Junior M


    Super Girl

    Super Girl
    Blue Tomorrow

    Super Junior K.R.Y - Ballad group, composed of the three main singers of Super Junior.


    The One I Love

    Super Junior T. Trot Music.


    Rock & Go - Japanese version of Rokkugo.

    Super Junior Happy. - 'Happy' music.


    Cooking? Cooking!

    Cooking? Cooking!
  2. I can't wait for their fifth album. The teaser images range from terrible to amazing, but I just know that the song will deliver.
  3. Done the first post. Oh my gosh that was tiring haha.

    Yeah the teaser photos are pretty strange. They're too colourful for SuJu. Donghae and Ryeowook have had the only good ones so far. Maybe Kyuhyun, but his picture is TOO SHINee.
  4. They really do range from terrible to amazing, haha! Thankfully they seem to be getting better since Kyuhyun's photo was released. But I hope their comeback is amazing!

    And I'm sad to hear about Siwon's grandmother passing. He seemed to be really close to her.
  5. Ryeowook's and Kyuhun's photos are my favourites so far.

    I saw a couple of behind the scenes photos of the filming of the MV and from what I could see (it wasn't very clear) their outfits weren't as colourful as in the teaser pictures, more Sorry Sorry like.
  6. Oh my...'Super Junior Happy'!? 'Cooking?Cooking!'!? Shindong and Kibum look like the parents of 4 kids in that picture too haha
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  7. Hehe, that's why I chose that picture!

    The only sub group I like is SuJu M. The others are hardly active. I love Henry of Suju M (And Zhou Mi to a lesser extent). Henry is the Canadian/Chinese violin prince. E.L.Fs can be too mean to Zhou Mi and Henry sometimes.
  8. Henry looks hot. Post more pics of him.
  9. I love Super Junior M. Me, Super Girl and Perfection (and even Blue Tomorrow) are all flawless. I really like Henry and Zhoumi too.

    I don't really care about the other subgroups but I listen to their songs from time to time. Rokkugo is so catchy, haha.
  10. I like Super Junior T and K.R.Y but Super Junior M is the best sub group. And I LOVE Henry and Zhoumi. Those only 13ers are no joke and are horrible.

    And here is Henry singing a bit of Bruno Mars' Lazy Song. Even if you hate Bruno Mars Henry singing it is really cute!
  11. Uh...I just got a text message from my friend saying she's 95% sure the guy who went to her cash register was Henry but she was too in shock to ask him. I guess Henry goes back to Toronto whenever SuJu-M promotions end....would be nice if I randomly bumped into him one day! Ha..
  12. He is in Toronto right now! If you randomly bump into him tell him I love him, haha.

    That's good, I think I saw those too. I like some of the promo pics but a whole video that colorful with Super Junior, I'm not sure if I'd love that, haha. I love Sorry, Sorry & Bonamana so if the video/ song are like that I'll like it.
  13. Dek


    New Teaser Pic!
    This time is SIWON

  14. I was just about to post that.
    My word is he gorgeous.
  15. Oh my goodness, Choi Siwon!! Obviously I love it, haha.
  16. Dek


    Super Junior 5th Album title song is 'Mr.Simple' and will be revealed on August 2 .


    Why mr again? meets Mr. Johnny and after it will meet Mr.Sample
  17. Do you know when we are getting a music video teaser? That should be any day now I think. And I can't wait to hear/ see Mr. Simple, I hope everything is great!

    And again, Siwon's picture is amazing.
  18. Dek


    not yet but very soon
    and this gif totally cracked me hahaha

  19. Almost want to make it my avatar, haha! But I hope whenever the teaser comes out I like what I hear/ see. The Bonamana teaser was kind of mysterious so I wonder if this one will be similar.
  20. Dek


    me too I hope is a better track than the last songs they have I miss something like "U"
    In other news Siwon has his gun under the boxers hahaha
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