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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Apparently, they are going on tour? a world tour? They seem to come-back in Paris once again in November...
  2. Yeah, they're already on the tour - Super Show 5. The dates they've done so far are:

    23rd March - South Korea
    24th March - South Korea
    21st April - Brazil
    23rd April - Argentina
    25th April - Chile
    27th April - Peru
    1st June - Indonesia
    2nd June - Indonesia

    Upcoming confirmed dates
    15th June - Hong Kong, China
    16th June - Hong Kong, China
    6th July - Singapore
    27th July - Japan
    28th July - Japan
    3rd August - Thailand
    4th August - Thailand
    24th August - Shanghai, China
    14th September - Guangzhou, china
    5th October - Malaysia

    Europe (specifically Paris and London) as well as the US (L.A. and New York) have been heavily rumoured too, no confirmation as yet though. I'm really happy they went to South America though and it does sound like the plan this time is to do a proper world tour and with them saying their won't be a new full length album this year it opens up a bit more time for them to really get to all these places.
  3. I have literally only discovered these guys a couple of days ago. Absolutely love them already.
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  4. I'm just rediscovering their brilliant. Opera is such a tune to me right now.
  5. Watching them perform is brilliant (even though they're not singing live). I quite like their sound on their most recent albums as they don't have that try-hard rapping thing most Asian bands seem to end up doing.
  6. No other song released this year will come close to Devil...
  7. I am a little sad that some of them will be leaving to fulfil their military service at the end of this year! I have grown really attached to them as a group. There's so many of them!
  8. Apparently Eunhyuk and Donghae closed a concert in Japan by saying something along the lines of "See y'all in two years..."
    It seems it was their last concert as a nine-man group for a while...
  9. Yeah, it's because they are due to start their 24 month military service later this year. This includes Siwon as well. And of course Sungmin and Shindong are currently serving theirs at the moment, so really, there are going to only 7 of them performing for a while (Kibum doesn't count).
  10. With Donghae and Siwon out, they're better off closing shop and simply waiting 2 years...
  11. New album coming soon with Donghae, Siwon and Eunhyuk! I guess the rest of the band will promote and tour without them but hopefully that would tie us over until they return. I take it the next album they release after this one (which is likely a repackage) will be the first without Donghae, Siwon and Eunhyuk on them but they should be back for the one straight after that. I am excited! I love their new sound they have adopted since Mamacita.
  12. Are they really going to continue promoting without all the heartthrobs? They should just focus on doing varieties/dramas and Super Junior KRY.
  13. Well they still have Leeteuk, their leader, so I don't see why not. Obviously it won't be the same without them but the band can still go on unless they all suddenly stop being able to sing. It may well be that their next album (if they even release one in 2016/2017 after the repackage) will be KRY or a Japanese release for Mamacita/This Is Love and Devil.

    The Japanese release makes more sense as the band could potentially have already recorded new vocals for the tracks on the This Is Love repackage and Devil re-release and they could promote the songs as a smaller group like they have done in the past. The currently planned Devil repackage campaign will probably move them forward until early 2016 anyway so if they do decide to release another record it won't be until at least the middle to late part of 2016 and that would bring them over to 2018 if they promoted and toured Japan with the album.

    You never know, we may get a few KRY singles before and after that as well and before we know it, by late 2018 everyone should be back together again so everything can return to normal.
  14. Aaaand, it's here:

  15. I'll really miss Siwon...
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