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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. They'd probably hunt you down and torture you. ELFs are the scariest fan club to me. But if the group were to have a cut like that, I'd probably agree with your five. I might add Kibum as well.
  2. I would not be a fan anymore if they willingly cut down members like that. It's odd/ upsetting enough that Kibum, Kangin and Hangeng aren't there. But I'm one of those PROM15E TO 13ELIEVE people, haha.

    Anyway, I still love the album. So many good tracks.
  3. Because of Mr. Simple and my discovery of the magic of Eunhae (aka my two favorite members), I now know all there names. And it only took me a few days ha.

    Anyways, I think Heechul is so annoying during their performances. He makes the mostly sloppy choreography look even worse. He just can't be assed I guess.
  4. I always assumed it was because he can't dance anymore following the accident.
  5. Kyuhyun was in an accident as well and had multiple fractures, yet he's still a capable dancer. Heechul has never been a good dancer and never really cared for it.
  6. It's almost disrespectful though. He can't even be bothered to lip sync properly. Heechul actually has a nice voice.

    I'm surprised that SM and their fans let him get away with this.
  7. I like Heechul. He seems cool. I dont care about like 4 members at ALL though.
  8. I like Heechul because he comes across as someone really cool, but the amount of energy he puts into his performances really makes me like him less. He doesn't seem to care about them at all, and I don't like that in a performer. He does have a nice voice though.
  9. I think Heechul is refreshing among the current roster of idols, though I prefer him for his variety skills and humour above everything else.
  10. He is quite funny and hilarious on variety shows. For me it's just that i have been programmed to expect perfection from KPOP musical acts when on stage and he is the polar opposite.
  11. So for you more established ELFs, are there any must watch shows of theirs to get to know them better? Although I already have a bias or two haha.

    I've recently gotten a hold of their discography and am a fully fledged fan now haha. Even Bonamana is growing on me and I hated it for the longest time.

    Also, congrats on their win today even though it wasn't a huge surprise.
  12. Super Junior Show and Super Junior Full House are my favorite shows they've been apart of but both are earlier in their careers. Like 2005/ 2006.

    But just generally they all have great personalities, so any variety show they've been on is a good watch.
  13. ^Thanks!

    Yeah from what I have seen, they have good personalities. Although to be fair, the most videos I've watched have been about Eunhyuk/Donghae or more specifically about Eunhae haha. I haven't supported a ship since Topdae. Those two are definitely my favorites.
  14. It isn't a variety show, but they made a film named "Attack on the Pin-Up Boys". The plot is slightly weird, but it's funny and the characters they play aren't that far from the truth.

    There's also Explore the Human Body, where they do all sorts of experiments.

    Full House is the best show though.
  15. Thanks for the info! I'll get around to watching some of them eventually haha.

    The Sorry, Sorry repackaged album is a great deal. I like the majority of the orignal album, but the repackaged added some great songs. It's You is one of my favorite K-Pop tracks ever.
  16. Just watched their Music Core performance and it's all about Eunhyuk, I've never really been a fan of his but I'm noticing him even more than the visuals Donghae and Siwon.

    And I'm thinking Heechul being so 'chic' is intentional after watching that haha.
  17. Is it wrong that I read that as "butt"?

    But yeah, as a new fan the two that have peaked my interest have been him and Donghae. It helps him to stand out that he is so blonde and has a nice dance break and vocal parts.
  18. i so agree. I've never been a fan of his. Eunhyuk stands out visually, dance-wise and vocally. Simply the only reason why i watch their performances on stage is him.
  19. Version B covers are out:

  20. MMmmmm, yes.
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