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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. A-CHA, the title track of their repackaged 5th album, leaked today and it's quite good. It's not their best song, but it's better than Mr. Simple.
  2. The whole repackage has leaked! Downloading!
  3. Hitori

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    So Shindong looks skinnier now!
  4. The lyrics for Oops are ridiculous, I burst out laughing when I read the english translations. Apparently it was written by a few of the members..?
  5. Pen Expers

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    "I hate racial discrimination"
  6. Ummm...why is Siwon not in the group dancing shots in the "A-Cha" MV? He looks WICKED in his close ups, but he and Heechul just couldn't be bothered, I suppose?
  7. Kyuhyun is perfection. Evil Maknae forever.
  8. They probably filmed the dance sequences when Siwon was filming Poseidon and Heechul was in the army.
  9. So Hangeng and SM came to a mutual agreement over his contract dispute. I'm praying he comes back to Super Junior or Super Junior-M at least.
  10. SJ are far ahead in the MYX poll vote, KARA are doin better in 3 place.
  11. They're coming to Paris again for Super Show 4. Prices are between 89.50€ and 111.50€... Very expensive
  12. Totally forget about this part of the site, been getting so into kpop over the last 6months, but especially these guys. Loving their output so far in 2013 too.

    ^ Especially this, although I may prefer 'Go' come to think of it.

    Announced today that Henry is going to launch as a solo artist with a mini album on 7th June too which I'm excited about, his songs over the last year have been awesome.
  13. Super Junior M is the best version of Super Junior and Henry contributes a lot to that. I can't wait for his solo!!
  14. I can't really decide if I prefer the M sub-unit to the main group, I think they're about the same for me. Henry is the big factor for me too though, he's really talented and would be such a valuable member. Zhou Mi has a lovely voice as well and a very sweet personality it's a shame he isn't included too. Perfection, Super Girl & Break Down are among their best work as well. I really wish Henry & Zhou Mi were allowed in the main group now.
  15. Here are the hilights of the 1st mini-album "Trap" of Henry
    1. Trap
    2. 1-4-3 (I Love You)
    3. My Everything
    4. Ready 2 Love
    5. Holiday
    6. I Would
    7. Trap (feat. 규현 of Super Junior)
    8. Trap (feat. 태민 of SHINee)
  16. Fucking Taemin! Fuck off!
  17. My sentiments exactly.
    Sigh, this is too short :c
    I'm certain SM probably didn't let him put more tracks onto the final cut :/
    Oh well.
  18. 'Trap' and 'My Everything' sound amazing. I was sort of expecting 'So Cold' to be on there, despite not being a solo effort, but it was composed by Henry I think, plus the fans loved it from the tour! I'm sure they said we would get it though, so fingers crossed.

    Have their been rumours about SJ-M coming back at the end of the year? I think I read that on here yesterday and I hadn't heard that myself - I really hope so though!

    BTW does anyone know if buying from kpopmart really counts towards the hanteo chart? It's the cheapest form of the physical I could fine and if I'm buying from Asia it may as well count. It says so on the site, but apparently a lot of sites say it counts when it doesn't.
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  19. They're recording their new MV today, I think it's for Hero the lead single for their Japanese album in July?
    Wookie tweeted this during a break:


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