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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by BTG, May 14, 2015.

  1. Yeah, the pilot has leaked in full. What an unfortunate "accident."
  2. Watched the pilot and it's actually not that bad. Melissa Benoist is perfectly cast and it moved at a blistering pace (no hiding her secret from lots of people). I'll definitely give it another few episodes before deciding on whether or not it's worth sticking with.
  3. It just looks so cheap.
  4. Why does the main girl have the same face as Jonathan Groff?
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  5. I watched the pilot and thought it was a lot of fun!

    My only issues is the show beating you over the head with the fact that we have a female superhero and the main villain, who seems kinda cheesy so far.

    I hope we can get some crossovers with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in the future, although right now it seems unlikely.
  6. I enjoyed it.

    It's somewhat refreshing that they're not trying to take it too seriously or make it too dark.

    The fast pace plot was nicely done too, I half expected this to be an hour of her learning who she is and to not be Supergirl until the last 5 minutes but she was up and away within 20 minutes.

    Will watch more episodes if they're as fun as this.
  7. I enjoyed it. It's fun tea-time stuff for teenage girls (as it should be). the lead was very cute, the costume is great and the special effects were pretty decent (the airplane rescue was more thrilling than the one in Superman Returns, anyway). Why is Jimmy Olsen more buff than Superman, though?
  8. I enjoyed this far more than I thought I would.
  9. (It's not a movie.)
  10. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I love bobbai.
  11. Out of loyalty to Jeremy Jordan, I will end up watching this. #RIPSmash
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  12. MB


    2 episodes in and I'm quite enjoying it - mainly for Ally McBeal - I hope she gets more airtime. The onyl one i cannot stomach is the main bad woman. First of all playing 2 characters would be ok if your acting skills surpassed that of a 5 year old but she's utter rubbish, she was in Nashville when all she had to do was get beaten up by her husband but for her to play the main baddy just isn't believable. Rest is watchable fodder, nothing groundbreaking but decent enough.
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  13. Watched the 2nd episode today and really enjoyed it. Also love what they have done with Cat Grant- though I'll always prefer Tracy Scoggins' version.
    I would happily give my right arm for a night with Jimmy Olsen.
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  14. This is basically Superman meets Ugly Betty and I'm enjoying every second. It's nice to have when I'm also watching The Walking Dead which is macabre and runs at about 2 miles per hour
  15. It's fun. It's not gonna win any awards...for..anything. At all. Ever. But I enjoy it. I've always loved Supergirl, however.
  16. Considering that The Flash is (tentatively) the only superhero show to come out the gate fairly fully formed, I think everyone is judging a little too quickly.

    Need I remind everyone of the atrocious first half of Arrow Season 1? There's a lot of strong promise with this show that I'm hopeful and confident (for now) that they'll work out by mid season.
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  17. Continuing to enjoy this show. Loving Cat- she's starting to have depth.
  18. Too bad Arrow is falling into the pit again. But you are right, It started out weak then flourished. Same could be said for Agents Of Shield, but I loved it from the start. I hope Supergirl picks up to. I have that it'll eventually will.
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