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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by BTG, May 14, 2015.

  1. Used to really fancy James Olsen- given how he's seemingly playing with Kara whilst his girlfriend dotes on him, I now consider him to be quite the twat.
  2. So this is back, looks much better than season 1. Pace has upped and the addition of Superman works.
  3. I'm still not through Season 1. I watch 1 episode ever 3 weeks or something.
  4. Is Lynda Carter already in the first episode?
  5. It's slightly off-putting to finally see a Superman with a permanent shit-eating grin. Tyler must have channeled a bit of Dean Cain.
  6. I like how beta Superman is to Supergirl.
  7. Tyler makes a great Clark Kent and his Super man is a stark contrast from the movie version. I hope he stays on for a few more episodes.
  8. I would kill to see a new series of Lois And Clark with Tyler and someone as Lois Lane. It makes sense to go that way next now that we have a new Superman. But it needs to be someone with great chemistry with Tyler. One of the main reasons Lois And Clark worked was Dean and Teri - their chemistry was very potent. Jon Shea is my favourite Lex Luthor too.
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  9. No but the president was alluded to and confirmed to be a she.

    Lynda will appear soon.
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  10. Loved this last episode. Binged end of Season 1 and Season 2 is already so much more effective.

    Couldn't believe how relevant to the real world ep3 was. In the same way I love how X-Men contains strong metaphors for the reality of oppression, this was so good. Female president, mention of her opposition, the Alien Amnesty act. Sure, it wasn't subtle...but still. So good.

    I love Supergirl.
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  11. Will Calista Flockheart be coming back? Loved her in Season 1.
  12. They've said she'll be on as a guest spot, I believe, so popping in from time to time.
  13. Shame. She was great and loved how they developed her relationship with Kara. But hopefully it means she'll get more specific stories when she's on.
  14. Yeah I wondered if that was leaving the show. Shame, she usually had the best one-liners.
  15. Yes she will be back but not even nearly as prominent as Season 1.

    Kevin Smith is directing episode 9 and we got to meet him. Set was so much fun yesterday.
  16. You work on Supergirl?! What! Jealous!
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  17. You have such an amazing job. Has the crossover been shot yet?
  18. Okay, I keep seeing gif sets of Alex Danvers (and someone called Maggie?), the most relatable awkward, heart-breaking, lovely queer lady apparently ever on my Tumblr dash and it's making me want to watch this show. Is it worth it or nah?
  19. Yeah, it's a light-hearted, fun superhero romp, but I'm a sucker for the angle it's going for. Season 1 took a while to get through for me, but I marathoned it by the end and Season 2 has been a little tighter. plot-wise thus far. Actually the whole thing gives me Buffy/90's show teas, which is nice. A little rough around the edges, but endearingly so.
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  20. I will give it a try. I watched the first couple of episodes, I recall but it was very forgettable for some reason. Maybe I'll just start on Season 2.
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