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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by BTG, May 14, 2015.

  1. I liked seeing the Flash crossover (and the debut of some comic villains late in season 1), but yeah see what you think!
  2. The first half of the first season was slow but by the second half it had me hooked. The relationship between Kara and Cat is fun to watch.

    The second season is different, better supporting characters and it feels slicker and has more rhythm. Cat is absent but if you didn't watch the first season then you wouldn't care too much.
  3. I think season 2 is miles better than the first. I was finding the first a bit of a drag at times but I have loved the first 5 episodes of season 2.
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  4. Basically watching for Chris Wood and Alex's lesbian drama now.
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  5. I'm still gutted about Cat- she was a brilliant character and really 'got' why Supergirl is such a great hero. Praying Calista decides to move to Canada!
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  6. HUGE missed opportunity to not use The Knocks (feat. Carly Rae Jepsus)'s "Love Me Like That" on tonight's episode.
  7. I still have to finish series one, but I'm half tempted to skip to the current one because of Alex's
    coming out story
    . I hope it doesn't disappoint.
  8. The Alex story was wonderful in the latest episode, seeing her so vulnerable. Chyler was unbelievably good. I cried.
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  9. Good to hear! I'm so happy this storyline is happening.
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  10. I'm still loving how this show is so rich in metaphor (and literal stuff) for the current state of the world.

    However, my belief could not be suspended for Mon-El and Kara's capture. Come on. There were about 30 different ways she (and him to a lesser extent) could have avoided being a) captured and b) experimented on. Bugged me. Then NOT taking Jeremiah with her?

    First bit of Season 2 that was plain stupid.
  11. Off course Cat Grant strolled into National City before the finale and made everything much more fun! I love her. Alex shooting that enemy and diving off the roof knowing Kara would catch her is probably one of the show's coolest moments, and it came so quickly into the episode! I'm excited to see the finale.
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  12. Just watching the last few episodes now- Cat Grant is by far the best thing about this show. The minute she shows up, everything becomes so much better.
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  13. Series two is finally on Netflix so I can finally catch up on everything I've missed. I can't wait to get to the lesbian subplot and see more of Lena. I like her character so far (I'm only two episodes in).

    I wish Cat wasn't leaving, though. She was the star of series one.
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  14. I love the character of Lena. Katie is a sweetie in real life too.
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  15. I just rewatched the Directors Cut of the 1984 film which I used to rent on video tons of times as a kid.

    It is sooooo much better as even though it will never be a fantastic well written script the deleted scenes really flesh out the characters more.

    I still think the Jerry Goldsmith score is one of the most perfectly orchestrated movie scores in existence. Thought this 25 years ago and still think it today.

    btw Maureen Teefy was so adorable as Lucy Lane have loved her since Grease 2 and Fame. She should of been a much bigger star.
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  16. Yes to all of this! It got dragged to filth upon release, but it's really not a bad movie. The score is great too, particularly the theme and flying motifs.
    I'm surprised Maureen Teefy's career never really took off, after being so good in this and Fame.
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  17. It definitely gets a really bad rap that it doesn't deserve. Maureen is just so sweet and charismatic apparently Demi Moore was originally cast as Lucy then dropped out I'm glad she did.
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  18. Is anyone following this "Supergirl cast is homophobic" bullshit? Such a stupid Internet backlash over nothing.
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  19. Saw it and did not follow.

    Denying a ship - a fan concoction - is not...homophobic...and I cannot actually believe I'm having to say that.

    I understand when stars deny ships in a way that ridicules them as ridiculous, especially when it's an LGBT one but the show IS clearly LGBT friendly.
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  20. Yeah, ridiculous. Jeremy is not a homophobe, one of his best mates is gay and he posted a pic of the wedding last year.
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