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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by BTG, May 14, 2015.

  1. S5 was terrible, basically unwatchable after Crisis. There's great moments in most seasons but they always seem to struggle with the season long arcs. It's a shame because the cast is so great.
  2. Crisis was SUCH a disappointment. I couldn't believe it, they had such a massive universe of characters to work with and we got...that. It should have been a real moment.

    I definitely checked out of the Arrowverse after it. Thankfully DC have Titans and Doom Patrol.
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  3. Crisis really screwed up pretty much every season of the Arrowverse, with the exception of Legends of Tomorrow which was able to largely ignore it. I am not sure if it is lack of budget, or lack of time developing a properly fleshed out narrative but outside of the cameos from other DC properties it was a very pointless affair. It didn't live up to the stakes The Flash had been building up to for 5 seasons before it, made Supergirl season 5 repetitive, and likely alienated anyone who was new to the Arrowverse by watching Batwoman season 1.

    The 'Invasion!' and 'Crisis on Earth-X' crossovers were executed much better and the showrunners made a huge mistake thinking the only way to do a better crossover was 'go bigger'.
  4. Crisis had 5 episodes to really go big and serve as a great conclusion but it totally fell flat. It had some pretty exciting cameos and some decent action scenes but it definitely comes down to budget (why is it always so cheap looking?) and the fact that Arrowverse shows always struggle to flesh out proper storylines, like you said.

    I actually thought the last scene where Barry forms the Justice League was the best thing about it. I am looking forward to Lois and Superman and Green Arrow and the Canaries pilot wasn't too bad either, if it gets picked up.
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  5. Hmm, might be time to check out I think.
  6. I definitely feel that the problem with all the Arrowverse shows is that the seasons are far too long.

    There are so many shows now and I really want to watch them all but it is difficult to stick with them all when they can hit such lows.

    This year I probably enjoyed Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow the most because they were short and sweet.

    I’m curious what will happen now with coronavirus pushing everything back, on top of Melissa’s maternity leave, would be the perfect opportunity to cut the next season down.
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  7. I used to enjoy how many episodes American TV shows produced, however reduced episode orders would be best all round for quality. Anywhere between 10 and 16 episodes could work really well, Legends always feels like it has less filler than the other shows.

    It is getting pretty obvious that some of the series regulars on The Flash don't want to be there anymore (actors of Cisco, Joe & Wells in particular go missing for episodes at a time) and Grant Gustin has talked recently about "missing out on other opportunities" too. Stephen Amell also said he only signed on beyond season 6 for the money.

    I have mixed feelings about whether I'd watch Green Arrow & the Canaries if it is greenlit given how bad Arrow seasons 6 and 7 were. The amount of background story / baggage it brings with it from Arrow is enough to make me wish they'd tie up the plot points from the backdoor pilot in an episode of Legends next year, and give us something completely brand new.
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