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Surviving R Kelly (Lifetime)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AshleyKerwin, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Did anyone else watch this? It was really upsetting to watch. I genuinely did not know most of these stories. The interviews are really well done. I only saw the first 2 parts so far but I can't take my eyes away from this.
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  2. I already knew going into this that he was an absolute monster, but I was still horrified throughout. He has destroyed not only the lives of children, but also entire families. I am through the first four parts and have cried at several points.

    The information provided by the psychologists is also fascinating and in some ways helpful for those who have dealt with abusive relationships or know loved ones in abusive relationships.

    There are some pretty incredible, harrowing moments:
    For example, when Dominique's mother successfully rescues her from his "cult." I was absolutely bawling.

    It's pretty remarkable in quality for a Lifetime docuseries.

    Wendy Williams is also an absolute mess in this Ddddd.
  3. I haven't finished it yet, but it is a tough watch. Also it's a little mystifying, how he has continued (and is continuing smh) to get away with all this - gives me headaches. The line should have been drawn ages ago, but instead we as a society and especially the music industry failed to do that.

    I think I must have been 7 or 8 years old, when I listened to I Believe I Can Fly with a friend, which he named his favourite song, and I told him, that I liked the song, but that I heard that R. Kelly were abusing children. I picked that up from some music magazine I read. Well, if this kid from a small town in Germany has picked up on this and decided to stop listening to songs by this man, what excuses are there for musicians to continue collaborating? There aren't any. There really aren't any. It's all so disgusting and sad and sickening.
  4. He married Aaliyah when he was 27 and she was 15. Everyone has known for decades.
  5. Where can one watch this? Is it airing in the UK?
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    I see everyone on twitter freaking out over his streaming figures rising 16% since this film. In all actuality, while it is saddening, this statistic isn’t shocking (??) and likely stems from curiosity over his music. R Kelly was big, but it’s not like missing his ~wave was hard or anything. People want to know what he was about musically, I don’t think they want to fund him or anything.

    It isn’t a testament to the general public or anything. People hate him.
  7. I want to watch this but it sounds...heavy. Appropriate given the subject matter, obviously, but still.

    I had heard about his other gross exploits for years but didn’t really get deep into Aaliyah’s music until about a year ago and I genuinely had no idea about that whole mess. Horrifying.
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  8. I feel really old knowing that there is a whole generation not knowing what a disgusting piece of work he is.

    Also baffled at how the man has managed to be a blatant paedophile and have a successful career at the same time.

    Ignition went to Number 1, not long after his child sex trial.
  9. The fact that he is essentially running his own sex slavery trade, still to this day, is incredibly disturbing. Even in light of what we have known about his despicable behavior over the years.
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    And R. Kelly launching his own response site, which I haven't looked at nor will I link, is also just...

    I don't know. Like, no, you can't come back from any of this.
  11. R Kelly and his entire team should be under the jail. What's really scary is how much he had the Chicago police department in his back pocket. There's no telling what other crimes they're letting slide.
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  12. Sadly, though, he still has a strong core fan base that still defends him.

    But many of us turned a blind eye to what he did. Even when he and Celine had the smash hit "I'm Your Angel", stuff was already out there. The marriage to Aaliyah was swept under the carpet. And when she died and was immortalized, it was pushed aside and became almost a footnote.

    I'm ashamed to admit that I liked some of the early hits.
  13. I like the songs they did together a lot but the thought that she was introduced to him when she was 12 by her uncle sends shivers down my spine. What the hell goes on in the music industry?
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  14. I really hope he goes through with that lawsuit against Lifetime; he's going to end himself if he does.
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  16. I saw this over the weekend and it's very raw. It's not a case of someone who knows someone. We get interviews from his two brothers, former body guard, personal assistant, backup singer, his ex-wife, and numerous survivors among others speaking their truth. A lot of it really shook me, his vile behavior is an open secret yet he remains free.
  17. This is a hard but necessary watch for anyone who thinks they know about this scandal. I feel I've gotten pieces of this story since the 2000s, but hearing it recounted by those closest with him in chronological order... I'm even more upset that he's gotten away with this, let alone that anyone would work with him. If they did, they should make it a point to vehemently denounce him and express regret for their artistic decisions to work with him -- exactly as Chance The Rapper did. More of that.
  18. Oh, yes. Wouldn't he have to prove they were lying? Or someone was lying? I'd really like to know how he plans on doing that.

    Bruce Kelly, the brother in jail, being all "It's just a preference. What's the big deal?" almost made me throw up. I have a feeling that jail is exactly where he belongs. It's really scary that people think like him.
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  19. Just finished watching this, there's so many questions. Why did all these people keep quiet? They are speaking out now but there is no difference in today or at that time as he's still a very much free man. It seems like a lot of these older women involved kept quiet as a ticket to stardom. Sparkle released a single on the day of the documentary airing - she knows people will search for her.

    It's so strange how no one has stoped him. It's like everyone around him has helped him become the monster he is... too many yes men. R. Kelly isn't the only problem in the case
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  20. Sinister. I used to love this song, but it has made me feel uneasy ever since that video leaked with him doing weird stuff with that young girl way back when.

    Gross. The lyrics showing in the thumbnail is actually the part that he had her sing.

    I know it was a different time, but why weren't Aaliyah's parents paying more attention to what she was singing?
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