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Surviving R Kelly (Lifetime)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AshleyKerwin, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. I watched this last night in its entirety and was shook to my core. As the majority of it I was unaware of!

    HOW is he walking the streets????
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  2. I watched it earlier in the week and was shocked. I was aware of the illegal marriage, and the charges he faced in the mid-00s, but these things have been brushed aside over time - for want of a better phrase - for various reasons (i.e. he was acquitted and therefore "innocent" to many) and for some reason, this hasn't stuck within the social conscience generally speaking. I was aware of the articles that surfaced in 2017, and the rumblings about his actions towards women that has followed for the past year but wasn't aware of the scale of the allegations or how long it appears to have been going on until seeing the documentary.
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    Started watching, and I'm genuinely shocked at how vile everything is. And the fact Ignition came out when the brunt of his legal troubles finally started happening. It's shocking none of this happened sooner, and how easily a blind eye was turned. I still hear Ignition at parties. It's... Ugly. The amount of his music that covers that sort of sexual ground is frightening.
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  4. I just caught this and I'm on the second to last episode, the Dominique and her fabulous mother not giving up scenes had me in fucking tears.
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  5. Her parents failed her big time. They want to "protect her legacy" now that she sadly isn't here, but, um, a little too late for that. They should've been protecting her while she was still here. There's no telling what trauma she could've been dealing with post R Kelly.
  6. That's what shocks me as an Aaliyah fan. She looked so sexy and glamorous but she had been molested as a child and who knows what was really going on in her mind. And now multiply this for the dozens of women that have been abused at R. Kelly's hands. What a tragedy.
  7. Ever since I watched his ex wife's interview on The View, I've felt incredibly sorry for his children (as well as obviously all of the women who have been subjected to his disgustingly evil ways). His daughter recently came out calling him a monster and a "terrible father". It must be so difficult to learn all of these things about your own dad...
  8. I'm watching this now and it's so heartbreaking. Finding out that the father of the girl in the tape continued playing on Kelly's records after the charges/trail is just so disheartening. I'm on episode 4 at the moment. I wish bits of it were a little better produced (not so Lifetime, if you will) but these are incredibly important stories and I'm glad all of their voices are being heard.

    It's so fucking vile that he was literally getting young girls from his child pornography trial. Wow.

    Also, Kelly's brother in prison is so fucking creepy...
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  9. I just finished part 4 and I am completely annoyed. I didn't read any of the details about the trial yet but between the trial delay and him trying to set his brother up and the family denying who it was, nobody had a chance.

    The writer and commentator Touré got accused of sexual harassment.
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    Didn't exactly know where to post this, but Sony has officially parted ways with R. Kelly.

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  11. Is there a way to watch this online? As much as I'm not looking forward to hearing the recounts, I want to watch it.
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  12. This is HARROWING.
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    I'm sure most know, and it may be discussed elswhere, but..

    Justice. It's about time.
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  14. Didn't this ultimately spurn from this documentary being aired? I love that the brave women who spoke out on camera against this monster helped bring justice, before he can victimize anyone else.
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  15. BYE FUCKING MONSTER. Lock him up forever.
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  16. His first interview since being arrested. He... has lost his mind.

  17. Gayle’s composure is everything. I’m glad she didn’t give him an inch.
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  18. He got away with it for so long, he is obviously incredulous that the house of cards is collapsing on him.
  19. Should we really be giving him a platform?
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