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Survivor: Idol & Swap Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, May 19, 2016.

  1. They voted out the right person though. With all the fuckery he pulls and the disdain the other players feel towards him, Joe is probably not winning this game. Meanwhile Desi is great at challenges and socially. She could have pulled off an under the radar win easily because she is such a nice and likable person.
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  2. Yeah One a year.
    Ten network can’t afford more than that unfortunately, plus it doesn’t rate as well as our other reality shows.
    I agree.
    You can’t write it off with their introduction of Australian D grade celebs (one bonus is international fans won’t know who they are hahaha).
    I just hope they play dirty and smart and don’t use the show for their own publicity/worry about their reputations.
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  3. I hope Cole somehow manages to crush this Ryan - Chrissy - Ben alliance because I cannot stomach a single one of them. They all think hes a blonde knuckle head beneath their ~GaMePLaY~ and to see him wipe the smirks off their faces would be iconic.

    Also Queen Lauren etc.
  4. Idk about you but I couldn't help myself but laugh at this scene at the last Tribal Council

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  5. Oh wow.
    Devon or Lauren is winning this. I root for Ashley though.
  6. Someone needs to edit the thread title asap!
  7. Oh wow.
  8. WOW!
    I'm shocked with last tribal council's outcome!
  9. FUCK

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  10. I would be upset too if someone else fucked up Lauren's game but she did it herself with giving her idol to Mike.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Chrissy getting her life from not letting Ben see his wife is my aesthetic.
  13. Probably my least fave season of Survivor...
    The people are just so unlikeable...
    I think the US should stick to two tribes, three tribes has been dire.
    I’m going for Devon.
    Only because I want to lick things off his chest.
  14. Can they fucking stop with pouring idols?
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  15. Yeah the idol-geddon is becoming a little much honestly. Bens in a nothng-to-lose position where he can look for idols 24/7 whereas the others have to be a little more cautious in how they play.

    Loved this season though. Great cast and loads of iconic moments. Hope Devon or Chrissy takes it.
  16. I’m seriously rooting for Chrissy Lannister to annihilate Ben in the final tribal council and take the win to home. We love a problematic fave.
  17. I think i’m done with Survivor.
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  18. What a boring season, honestly.
  19. How did it go from being a top tier season to a bottom tier season in one episode... im tired.
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