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Survivor: Idol & Swap Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, May 19, 2016.

  1. Why is Chrissy being punished for winning an immunity? Why does not social gameplay and relationship matter anymore?
    I’m so fucking done with these stupid twists. Idols were fine but the over reliance for these stupid adventages and twists and Probst being so integrated to production finally ruined the show for me. And the trailer for next season somehow looks even worse.
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  2. I just watched the finale because I've actually seen a couple episodes of this season and um...that shit was rigged from the jump. The final "advantage" was just pure producer manipulation. Why do people even bother with gameplay anymore? Just win challenges and run around the island day and night looking for idols, and if that doesn't work, there will be another ~shocking~* twist to let you stay.
  3. Uno


    Absolute trash and blatant favoritism. Poor Chrissy.
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  4. And the mentality behind this new f4 twist is so stupid. Like isn't that the same reason why they did final 3 instead of final 2? I mean it doesn't take a genius to guess that now people will do 4 person core alliance and take out the big threats before final 4 instead of final 3. Why did they do this exactly and why can't people vote out the same person 3 tribals back to back?
    I've always loved the show and i think i will remain superficially interested because of the time i've spent on the show, reddit, sucks and podcasts but i'm actually done with following or giving them money.
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  5. Devon was robbed. Chrissy was robbed. Ryan was robbed. They should have been able to vote Ben out at final 4 and duke it out with each other.
    This is bullshit. I don't know why i'm this angry but seriously fuck Probst and the producers rigging everything to get their favorites win. Michele and Sarah winning must have made him very salty about his fuckboys losing and getting eliminated fair and square.
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  6. The real winner is me for jumping ship at the exact right time!
  7. My friends thought it was bullshit too kiiii
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  8. It's actually pretty sad though.

    Despite idols!!! twists!!!! advantages!!! being ramped up over the past few years, it was still a show where blatant, unapologetic Big Brother-style producer manipulation wasn't present until now.

    But I'm really not surprised Probst had finally had enough of those terrible women, winning off social games in a show that is a social experiment. How dare they!!!!!!11!
  9. I was hyping myself up for a Chrissy vs Devon showdown and honestly they were both robbed so hard. Chrissy gave a perfect final tribal council speech, it was Todd levels of brilliant but she lost it to the bs sob story. And Devon played a perfect social game, maneuvering through votes (honestly how he survives the final 5, it was so impressive.) but it didn't matter because the person they have been trying to vote out several times was being poured with idols and bullshit twists despite of his shitty social play and of course as the "superior player" Ben gotta stay and be in that final 3 he did not deserve to be.

    Wow. The level of unprofessionalism... far too much.
  10. This season was so manipulated for the American Hero to win at some point. WOW.

    Chrissy would've won if wasn't that, ahem, "twist", in the final immunity challenge.

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  11. The premiere was great, wasn't it?
  12. Not really. Though the Ghost Island is really a homage to the previous seasons especially with the name dropping and flashbacks. It will be interesting to see what twists from the island and callbacks will be shown for the rest of the season.

    James and Michael are so fucking hot! I'm just watching this season for them!
  13. Im so glad the token "i live in my bedroom cause boobies scare me xD" guy has been voted off in week 1. Let the gaymes begin, teebs!
  14. I do not have a strong opinion or feeling on the season yet but i can already see Jeff creaming himself because of the overuse of twists and idols.
    I like Stephanie i guess. Noone else really stood out to me. I rolled my eyes to the top of my head when that guy found an idol in the dark. I mean come on, at least put some effort at hiding them.
  15. Finally watched the premiere and I'm totally team Donathan right now.

    By the way, guys, change the thread title, it's a bit out of date!
  16. This season is so promising, that was a great blindside by Libby, Morgan was annoying as fuck, only not looking forward to Domenick having both idol & advantage
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  17. Yeah the season is promising. I love that the purple tribe are already trying to work with other tribe instead of playing boringly like "FIVE STRONG".

    Day 6 was too soon for switch up though so that's probably why most of them don't care about getting rid of their tribemates.
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  18. Aside from the hot guys, I haven't warmed up to the cast yet. But we'll see. So far this seems like an improvement from the last season.
  19. The episode could've been great if Bradley went out.

    I miss the seasons when there were crazy people who would flip when they got the chance. These days everyone know the game too good that they don't risk which causes the game being boring for me. Like I know they hype every elimination with "#BLINDSIDE!!!!!" but I miss actual blindsides.
  20. Four episodes in and I just don't know half of the cast yet, and that's not good.
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