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Survivor: Idol & Swap Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, May 19, 2016.

  1. The last episode was really good. I hate to admit this, i'm really starting to warm up on this season.
  2. The way the producers fleshed out Stephanie's past and agendas to then see her stomped out of the game immediately after was great but sad television. I'm hoping that all of the big characters leaving pre-merge isn't going to make for a boring post-merge *looks at game changers*

    I stan King Chris
  3. Oh yeah Chris is surprisingly great. Not what i expect from the usual "buff but unlikable, cocky guy" cliche. I still have no idea who to root for other than him now that Stephanie is out. Michael is very cute too and i love Bradley a lot. From females; Kellyn is annoying, Libby, Angela Chelsea and Desiree are underedited and Jenna is barely there so that makes Laurel my favorite i suppose.
  4. Game Changers was a good season. So far I'm pretty bored with this new season. With two predictable boots in a row, they need to step it up. Looks like the producers saw that and decided to do another switch.
  5. That just annoyed me forreal, I was happy for a second because it looked like Desiree is going but yeah 4-1 was pretty unexpected, all the boring characters are staying and the editing is even more annoying. Seriously hoping for someone from Neviti to go next week
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  6. I'm not liking this season so far.
  7. 3 back to back predictable boots is not a good thing at all. Like I said before people don't want to take risks these days and they just stay with their original tribe no matter what which is the reason why this season has been pretty boring despite starting with a great cast.

    Hopefully things will get better post-merge.
  8. Yeah. Just like how the players are anticipating the merge, I am too. Things will start getting interesting then. I can't believe Michael is only 18?!
  9. Dddd I wish they didn't vote out Chris, he was so funny to watch.
  10. Anyone else scream when Angela shoved that whole slug down her thrussy?
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  11. She was deepthroating it! The season is already halfway done, and this season now belongs to those unforgettable boring seasons. The cast is just so underdeveloped and not engaging. After the Hustlers and now this, the next season better be good! Millennials vs Gen X looks great compare to these two duds.

    @strangekin please rename this thread to just "Survivor."
  12. I could do without like half the cast honestly; Angela, Seabiscuit or whatever the fuck hes called, the interchangeable white women... you could feel Chris' absence for sure. Still enjoying it though. Actually think the Ghost Island twist is neat.
  13. The Ghost Island twist is only interesting when they hand out something, and I feel like those bamboo pockets which contain the paper, should have been in random order, like picking a rock out of a hat to make it less predictable for the production crew and they couldn't use it for rigging.
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  14. Oh you sweet innocent thing, every single twist on this stupid show will continue to be a mean of producer manipulation forever.
  15. Dddd the thread's title. The accuracy.
  16. Finally a post-merge blindside! But I'm afraid next episode, even with 2 eliminations, them both are gonna be predictable
  17. Desiree being voted out was pretty obvious though.
  18. Geez this season has nosedived since Chris elimination. What a bunch of dead fish. They're not even trying to put up a fight against Dom and Wendell. Anybody other than them winning at this point would be a complete joke but then stranger things have happened.

  19. Anyone else watching the new Australian season? It started yesterday and Russel Hantz is one of the players.

    And he's already out

  20. I'm out. Literally stopped watching Survivor for about 5 years because of him.
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