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Survivor: Idol & Swap Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, May 19, 2016.

  1. I found GI and HHH mostly predictable, there was nothing surprising with the boot orders and winners - with I guess the only note-worthy moment being the final vote in GI.
  2. Laurel is one of the most frustrating Survivor players ever for me. The cast was mostly strong but the fuckery with all the idols and the passiveness of some of the post-merge castaways made for terrible viewing.
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  3. Even the contestant edits were crap - Chelsea hardly having any confessionals whatsoever was laughable.
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  4. This season was also a comeback for the show in terms of editing characters. The only invisible player this time was post-merge Kara but she wasn't that much invisble in comparison to Chelsea in GI or Aubrey in GC so I think they did a pretty good job overall.
  5. Although I don't think it was that great of a season , I really like Nick, and it was probably the best season since San Juan Del Su, That I really liked and produced one of my favorite winners - Natalie A!
  6. I was so excited when Natalie A won that season as that made her the first South Asian winner :p
  7. If anyone’s in for a kii, I’ve taken on the task of watching every season of this incredible television show in 2019. I just finished The Amazon and right now I only have the following left:

    South Pacific
    Worlds Apart

    I can’t believe this has overtaken Drag Race as my favorite reality show, the bumpkin truly jumped out. Seeing the change in dynamic between early seasons and current seasons is also...interesting to say the least. It makes for a fairly accurate cultural snapshot of the times.
  8. Is this a ruwatch?
  9. It’s more a completionist watch; I grew up on Survivor (Richard was my first exposure to another queer person) but sporadically fell in and out of the later seasons before falling off after Heroes vs Villains for some reason. I got back on with Millennials v Gen X and after the high point of David v Goliath I thought it was time to dive in.

    I started 2019 having watched 19 seasons, so to say I’ve taken the task to heart is an understatement oop.
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  10. So now you came to the conclusion that China (season 15) and Micronesia (Season 16) are the best, right?
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  11. China is incredible with Todd and Amanda being maybe my favorite set of finalists ever but I’d put Heroes v Villains/Pearl Islands right above it. Top 5 for me right now would be

    Heroes v Villains
    Pearl Islands

    Unpopular opinion alert, but I actually like most of the newer seasons; Ghost Island has been the only outright bad season in the 30’s (I haven’t watched Worlds Apart though and the reception seems...less than favorable).
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  12. China had one of the best F3 in the history of the game, second only to Micronesia's. Todd is one of my favorite winners.
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  13. We use iconic for so many things but the run from China to Heroes vs Villain really is iconic.
  14. Dddd not when Gabon is right there.
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  15. Gabon was a mess, yes, but that's also why I loved it so much. The drags, the bitterness and the cast being entirely extra AF was so funny to me. And don't forget it also had some of the most iconic vote confessionals/tribal councils ever.
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  16. Gabon is such an entertaining season, I love it. Tocantins and Samoa, on the other hand...
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  17. I loved Tocantins for its female cast. Sierra is probably one of my ultimate faves, with Debbie, Taj and Erin all being memorable and likeable players too.

    Samoa wasn't as good as the other seasons, I agree, but Russel losing to Natalie is one of my favorite finale results ever.
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  18. I agree to an extend with Samoa but Tocantins is amazing what are you talking about?
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  19. The only good season between those two was Micronesia.
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  20. What do y’all think of Guatemala? I’ve just started it, was initially turned off by the lack of diversity in the cast and...haven’t seen much to inspire optimism thus far.
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