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Survivor S39: Island of Idols

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy v2.0, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. I was nervous for a minute that my girl Noura was in trouble but not only was she safe she cast a vote against Jack! Iconique. Kellee is a favorite.
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  2. Kelle is my winner pick, which unfortunately means she won't win---I have seen every season and have only picked the winner ONE time, and that was Vecepia all the way back in season 4. I apologize to Kelle for jinxing her.
  3. I love how this season is all about women. I would be happy with any of them winning to be honest.
  4. It's the merge this week, meaning all the men will 'find' about 8 idols each and the women will all leave in quick succession.
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  5. Wow, I've never seen a season sink this fast. From 100 to a 0. That was disgusting from the three woman, Janet is incredible. I really, really felt uncomfortable about how this whole thing proceeded and how it was edited that at the end Dan was a victim. Just so backwards and wrong.
  6. Preach...I bow out of this season. I was so disgusted by the entire thing. Here I thought CBS just gathered all the trash people for Big Brother. I find it highly suspicious that the one who was genuinely making the complaints against Dan was the one that went home. Janet is the hero we didn't know we needed, but one all those losers on the island don't deserve.
  7. This is possibly the worst Survivor episode I've seen. Not even Will being an asshole to Shirin and invalidating her abuse made me so angry.

    Also screw CBS, if you knew how Kellee felt and if you need to put some "caution" warning before the episode, you know something is wrong and you SHOULD have done something while the filming was happening.
  8. Honestly at this point if the winner isn't Janet, i'd prefer Sandra or Rob enter the game and take the money.

    What a bunch of assholes. Especially Dan, Missy and Elizabeth. Wow.
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  9. Dan insidiously souring this season with his wandering slime ball hands and STILL being in the running whilst Kellee and Jamal sit on jury. If fucking Dean had just stayed loyal and voted Dan... or better yet if production had actually took action on it from day one all of this would have been avoided

    Im so disappointed
  10. Wow, I felt like I needed to take a shower right after that episode. Unbelievable and wrong on so many levels. I don't even want to look at most of these people again.
  11. Janet to win or keep it.

    Kellee leaving under those circumstances, and with two fucking idols in her pocket, has to be one of the most depressing outcomes in Survivor history.
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  12. I can't even watch the second half of the episode anymore, let alone the rest of the season. So so disappointing.
  13. Aaron at tribal has me fucking enraged.

    Bless Janet and Jamal.
  14. I hope they do double episodes for the rest of the year just to get this mess of a season out of the way.
    What was with that sexy but nasty parasite who Kellee saved; not even giving her a warning that she may be in trouble the week AFTER she saved his chiselled abs ass?!?!?!
    Janet is the only likeable one left. Hopefully they just keep throwing idols in front of her when she goes looking for them.
    This season reminds me of the time that hillbilly redneck guy won. Unlikeable people.
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  15. Who was it?
  16. I am... disgusted.

    It’s always disturbing when reality tv holds a mirror up to the society and the result is as ugly as this.
  17. Im guessing it is Mike from Worlds Apart?
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