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Survivor S40: Winners at War

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. I think it is time for a new thread.

    So far the first two episode has been released. And i find it a lot better than i feared. Although i'm a bit over with returnees and new players playing on the same season, i don't think it is lopsided as Redemption Island or Caramoan as the new players seem more active and aware.

    However i'm almost sure that EoE twist will fuck up one of my favorites at the end and leave me livid once again.

    S39 will be called Island of the Idols and it will feautre Sandra and Boston Rob as mentors ?

    S39 cast revealed:
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  2. I'm just over Aubry and Joe. Jesus Christ, I loathe them.

    I LOVE Aurora. Seems like the kind of person I'd love to hang out with. Same with Victoria. The guys are pretty underwhelming this season. Eric's hot, but boring. Daniel seems alright, but he calls himself Wardog so, yeah. And then there's Chris' big dick.

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  3. Dddd I thought I was the only one who clocked Chris’s bulge.

    Here for Kelley Wentworth to walk it teebs. She’s long overdue the title.
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  4. I don't like seasons with handfuls of fan favorites rather than an entire cast. The narrative of the show and game centers around their "second chance" and it's even more annoying when one of the players is a dullard like Joe. I hope miss Reem does what she needs to do
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  5. Reem is honestly iconic. I agree @Phloo I think it works better when there’s at least a full tribe of returnees vs. a new cast. As it stands players like Lauren are edited as beta types to Wentworth (which...isn’t entirely unfounded so far oop).

    I was kinda gagged by the ruthless Aubry edit this week? Giving Raven “I would never say that” teas.
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  6. Reem is the bitter old lady that I adore. I would love to see her burning other people's clothes etc

    Not Aubry getting a red flag so soon.
  7. I liked Aubry in her other seasons, but when she complained about her tribe bonding and enjoying each other, I had to roll my eyes. She's Kim Spalding in the worst way.
  8. The fact that Keith was waffling towards the end is very telling.Why are you on Survivor boo?

    It’s been a while since i’ve seen eye candy like Chris on the show. He has some nice assets.
  9. protect wendy at all costs
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  10. Would someone be so kind as to direct where I can freely watch this? My ass does not have no CBS All Access or any of that bullshit.
  11. I'm gonna watch this season then. I've stopped watching Survivor since ages ago, but upon seeing Michael Yerger on one of the other newer seasons, I NEED TO GET ON THIS BANDWAGON AGAIN.

    This Chris looks good as well.
  12. Last season was phenomenal as well and worth visiting if you haven’t seen.
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  13. Victoria talking about how Joe is in bottom when he is right there. Cyst. Also i howled Wentworth going "dont do it to me" when David said "the flint is missing". It was a great callback to the hilarious bartering her tribe did in SJDS.
  14. Wendy is already an all star in my heart. Is it too early to say Survivor is good again?
  15. Wendy the Poultry Queen can do no wrong. Tonights tribal was genuinely heart racing:

    Rick seemed like a super nice dude and im gob smacked Lauren's non idol play worked out. Im pleasantly surprised by how this seasons turning out
  16. So am I the only one who finds this season so boring?? On episode 4 and I still don't remember some of these players.

    Wendy is the only reedemable thing about it for me to be honest.
  17. I’m going to zaddy Eric’s watch party tonight, yas
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  18. delete this season
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  19. OK yeah i have no opinion on like... 50% of the players? The returnee focus this week was a lot. Do we really need to see another montage of Joe fishing and climbing trees with jolly music?

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  20. I thought last night's episodes were really fun. I'm so excited to see where the season goes from here.

    Victoria is one to watch. I enjoyed her so much last night.
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