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Survivor S40: Winners at War

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. I am so so pleased with the editing Michelle is getting, no idea if she makes it far or whatever but she's getting that 'yeah she planked Aubry AND who's next???' edit, to show how good she actually is at playing the game, she has great social awareness. She's my fave by far.

    Sophie continues to be very-very calculated. She's smart, maybe too smart? it could cost her cause in a season like this whenever they see someone who is strong they'll get them out but so far she's established pretty decent relationships.

    I'm scared for Sandra & Parvati in their respective tribes, I fucking loathe tribe swaps so much, you just know Denise, Jeremy & Kim would vote Sandra out and Parv is basically toast there with the menses. Hopefully green continue losing until Sophie and Sarah are the only ones left nn.
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  2. With the last vote out, Yul is my only remaining draft pick and yet here I am stanning the ladies. Parv, Winchelle, Sandra and Sophie are my favs but I'd like to see Nick naked Kim do some damage.
  3. The controversy around Michele’s win has always had an implicit air of ‘pretty girls can’t be smart too’ which is so odd considering how Parvati is heralded by the fandom. I’m so glad to see her getting the visibility for her gameplay and ascending her uneven footing in the first tribal council.
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  4. I don’t think Michele’s edit is retroactively showing us she is a worthy winner. Each game is a new game and she’s just playing better this time around. I’m glad about that.
    Adam, on the other hand, remains a crap player.

    So... next week is a double boot, huh? Parvati is probably screwed if her tribe loses. Yul, Wendell and Nick are loyal players and Parv has a way bigger target and reputation than Michele, so unless she can get an idol somehow, she’s gone.
    I’m relieved Sandra still has one tribal council to play her idol, so she should be safe. By the way, four of the five people on the red tribe have some kind of advantage, what a mess. Tony could be eliminated with no votes if everyone decides to use what they have.
  5. Yeah I also think Michelle is playing a very different game this time. I was rooting for her during Kaoh Rong and I was so happy when she won but I don't remember seeing any scenes from her talking strategy or doing a bold move. The jury of that season preferred a quiet but good social game and she did a good job at that. Also Aubrey played a low key terrible game in the Game Changers so I don't feel bad for her losing that much anymore.

    This time, I think she's playing like Kelley in Second Chances or Sarah in Game Changers in the sense that she knows she has to play it big in an all stars season and she has enough time to make her moves because she is probably gonna be shielded by the known bold players until further in the game.
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  6. Michele played a great game in Kaoh Rong too, production just focused so much on Aubry’s journey that we didn’t really have to focus shift to Michele until the final stretch due to her tribe being immune until the merge (which was partly due to her strong challenge performance). She played from the bottom merge onward and convinced the majority alliance to include her after voting out her closest ally despite already having the numbers without her. She then got Tai to burn his advantage on her with two pointless votes, fostering distrust with the tribe and jury while cornering him into that zero vote finalist position. This is all without crediting her as tied for second most challenge wins in the series by a woman. Part of me wishes the final challenge had been for Final 2 like it played out in the past with Micronesia instead of the remove a juror twist: then Aubry wouldn’t have even been at final tribal council and there would be less of this ‘bitter jury robbed Aubry!1!1!” bullshit when Aubry was always playing a sloppy game.
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  7. I agree that Michelle was the better player in Kaoh Rong than Aubry and we didn't get to see most of it I certainly stanned her. I know how livid Probst must've been, but Aubry also played very good flashy game that would've been awarded in majority of other seasons and would be on this one if she was a man oop don't quote me.

    Aubry's game sealing vote actually happened pre-merge when she crossed out Julia's vote, completely unncessary and that way she burned both parts of the tribe, but also let's not forget Joe getting med evaced at F5 when she had numbers to get rid of both Cydney and potentially Michelle depending on IC performance.

  8. Aubry also blindsided Debbie for no reason when it’s very clear Debbie isn’t someone who will just let that go, so she just...wasn’t particularly perceptive of how her game came across.
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  9. Michele is a good player and that's not up for much debate imo, but Aubry had game too. I loved Kaoh Rong.

    On another note, someone made a confessionals breakdown, calculating each player's number per ep and averaging, and seeing Adam get nearly double everyone has me irrationally fuming. The amount of camera time he gets... *shudders*

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  10. Well, if it wasn’t for Aubrey convincing Tai to flip on Jason and Scott, no one else would stand a chance. She played by far the best strategic game that season and was a huge part in everything that happened there. Michele was... there and didn’t upset anyone. She wouldn’t even get far without Neil and Joe being medevacuated & let’s not pretend Scott, Jason and Debbie weren’t bitter to no end. Also, Scott and Jason were the kind o guys that you just KNOW grew up thinking they were better than every “nerd” guy or girl in the world and would never acknowledge one did better than them.
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  11. Yeah the jury on that season reminded me of Guatemala. The men on that season were also so salty that a woman in their alliance had beat them. Like I said before though, Michelle was a deserved winner. Something I can not say about Denise.
  12. Uno


    — Love —
    1. Sandra
    2. Parvati
    3. Yul
    4. Sophie
    — Really Like —
    5. Jeremy
    6. Sarah
    — Don’t mind —
    7. Michelle
    8. Tony
    9. Ben
    10. Kim
    — Leave soon plz —
    11. Wendell
    12. Denise
    13. Adam
    14. Nick
  13. Neal’s med evac directly saved Aubry though, to clarify.

    Scot and Jason were pressed yes, but more so at Cydney than Aubry. Scot even tried to work with her at one point and Aubry didn’t even try to build a social link there. Aubry was very strategic yes, but at the end of the day Survivor is a social game: if she can’t monetize that strategy into jury votes it’s pointless. That said Kaoh Rong is probably my favorite set of finalists other than China: all three were endlessly entertaining and easy to root for.
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    Save the franchise again, queen.
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  16. What did she exactly do in her season? nn
  17. Survive the whole season by going to every single tribal, manage to control the majority of the votes and also somehow manage to pitch herself as a smaller threats to win than likes of Abi Maria nn. She deserved it!

    Me talking about Adam this season

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  18. Ffff I just realised I said Dennis instead of Dannie dddd.
  19. Okay this season kinda slaps so far
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  20. Nawt you girls arguing about Kaoh Rong and Legendchele's win

    Michele had excellence social game and used the luck and opportunities she had to her advantage at every turn. Aubry is a strategist who probably won't ever win because she's too focused on game all the time. Periodt!
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