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Survivor S40: Winners at War

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Hmmmt relitigating Kaôh Rōng is nawt one of my favourite pastimes but I do think Aubry was a more deserving winner because she played harder for longer whereas Michele sort of glided in from the merge onwards. Not without skill, of course, but in a less visible manner; I just wish the edit had let us see some of her clearly great gameplay. I don't begrudge her as a winner though, and certainly find her more interesting to watch and root for now.

    Michele, Yul and Sophie are likely making it very far; Yul had a whole ass segment about Penner's wife which was moving but like a bit random? Also a bit weird for the season's narrative so far to be hinging on Adam (and Ben's) inept but messy gameplay, but the season slaps overall, so werk. My only worry right now is that shit is going to crater around the merge because of the abundance of advantages floating around.
  2. As someone whose immediate family has been altered forever by ALS, I was so moved by that piece in the episode. I think maybe it was just to show support for Penner, since they showed a clip of his wife and him before the commercials. I hope survivor donates something to the ALS Association after this season, that would be so heartwarming for me.
  3. The ALS segment was a nice touch, but it did raise my eyebrows a bit to just how endlessly positive Yul's edit has been also this isn't REALLY a spoiler but...

    Yul pledged to donate 50k to ALS research, and it's a bit like... oh you got some disposable income then Yuldaddy? *eye emoji*
  4. Isn't everyone's appearance fee at least $100,000 this season?
  5. I love Yul...which tells me he isn't even going to make the merge, same with either Parvati or Sandra...possibly both depending on when that is. ALL the old school players on Extinction when all these new school gamebots stay and play. I tweeted Teresa from Africa and she liked it and told her the way this season was going that the next returnee season should be old school vs new school w/ Old School being players from before Heroes vs Villains. Probst would never go for it...but it would be great to see T-Bird, Sean Rector, Shane, Natalie Bolton, people who should have been brought back that never were or cut last minute. Only recent players I want to see are Kelle, Janet, maybe Jamal, Angelina, Chris or Bradley from Ghost Island...but we'll get Rick Devens, Christian, some random white girl who said 2 words the whole time...
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  6. Michaela or bust.
  7. Justice for Victoria teebs.
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  8. idk, but even so 50k is a pretty significant amount to pledge if you don’t have some kind of money coming in

    good for Yul though what a standup guy either way
  9. Yul has a good edit and is nicely positioned. I think he should be able to make merge as both Nick and Wendel would have to be dumb as fuck to betray him in favor of either Parvati or Michele.
    Michele also has a nice edit, but I’m pretty confident hers is a “redemption arc” of sorts and she’ll make it far, but is not going to win. She was very absent from the first two episodes, which is not a good sign, and I also don’t see an all winner jury voting for someone like Michele, unless she makes it to end with like... Adam and Ben.
    Sophie is probably not winning as well cause her edit is 100% game and lacks the personal content winners normally get. She’ll likely go very far, though.
    Nick and Wendell are also doomed, since there’s no way in hell the first two time male champion would be so massively under edited as these two.
    Ben and Adam are bonafide goats at this point and I think Parvati’s point of view would’ve been explored a lot more in the two episodes she was “at risk” if she was the winner.
    Kim still has a part to play in the story of the season, most likely flipping on her original tribe, but the editors only feature her when they absolutely have to (like when she finds an idol or is a possible target), which is a terrible sign for her chances.

    I think so far my bets are on Tony and Sarah, with Yul and Jeremy a tad behind and Denise a distant fifth. I didn’t rule out Sandra yet, but let’s face it, no one would be dumb enough to let her get anywhere near the final 3.
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  10. Not relevant to the game but Michele is the only Survivor alumni i still follow on instagram and she has been killing it with her social media game. A queen this cesspit of a fanbase needs but truly does not deserve.
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  11. Uno


    I'm nervous about this double elimination. Ideally it will lead to Adam and Nick leaving, but I'm sure it'll actually end up being Sandra and Parvati. My heart can't handle this!
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  12. this is the worst day ever for the gals and gays who love some good old entertainment
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  13. I can't even enjoy the gag that just happened because I'm stuck with facing the reality of all the old school players being tossed to the side. I hate it here.
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  14. Denise, you did not need all this trickery to get rid of Sandra...
  15. Overplaying much lol.

    I hate this, my two all time faves out same day, can't talk rn!!! LETS GO MICHELLE!!!!
  16. Nick not coming through and saving Parvati.
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  17. I was this close to becoming Nick's whore but what a cocktease. My two favorite players wiped out back-to-back... a mess.

    Who am I even rooting for now? Winchelle and Sophie I guess? With Yul and Kim as backups.

    Miss Denise did not need to use BOTH idols in one tribal to make that move but it was a massive move nonetheless.
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  18. Uno


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  19. NO!!!!!!!! school people suck. That's all I have. Prayer circle around the one person I like that's left in the game (well...maybe two, but that second one is completely faded into the background.)
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  20. Nick not flipping was probably a mistake, and I’m mad Prav is gone, but Sandra REALLY shoulda seen that coming tbh.
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