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Survivor S40: Winners at War

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. That was such a frustrating episode as a fan of both women. I feel like these episodes need to be 90 minutes in order to properly show the strategies at play with the edge of extinction too. Like there seemed to be a clear indication Nick was going to flip and then it never really felt to the contrary; it was a lot like Ethan’s elimination in that sense.

    I love Denise but Sandra is one of my all time favorites so this was incredibly annoying to see backfire: it could’ve been the perfect time to take out either of the men but of course she went for the two time winner for the sake of it.
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  2. Another thing that really irked me about this episode is that it had zero room to breathe. One of the most iconic players of the game gets voted out and it immediately goes to the next tribal. I get they're short for time but that's something they need to work out. Let me feel that elimination. It hurts, but at least let me feel like it happened for some reason.
  3. I'm just bummed that all the people I was excited to see play again are on Edge of Extinction. The only new school player I cared about was Natalie.

    I guess I'll continue to watch for Kim and Sophie, and maybe Michele and Tony.
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  4. At least Parvati went redemption fighting and almost (unless it was just manipulative editing) saves herself

    But Sandra, she's responsable oh her fall.
    How in the hell do you think it is a good idea to expose yourself selling your immunity for ONE sure token? Where were the hyper useful As Long As It Ain't Me™ when you really need it?
    I'm sad but I have to say that my heart was racing very fast during a few moments of the episode.

    Am I the only one who felt Ben and the green tribe endearing with their winning? They felt genuinely happy and bonded (bar Adam, get out Adam)
  5. Yeah, Sandra definitely overplayed. It was a gamble, but I can see the logic in it.

    I guess time will tell, but I think Denise might've screwed up as well. She threw away her idol and a potential #1.
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  6. Yeah long term I think Denise is screwed: she burned her second idol for essentially no reason to protect Jeremy who’s a huge challenge threat come merge. At least with Sandra you know she’ll always have a target and there’s always a case to eliminate her.

    Sandra definitely made a big swing and it was a big miss, but at this point she has nothing left to prove. I was just glad to see her back this season.
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  7. Denise's move would have been an all-timer if Sandra wasn't literally trying to keep her in the game and an obvious meat shield moving into the merge. And watching Parv, the epitome of charisma, being bulldozed out of the game by the likes of Wendell & Nick. A homophobic episode
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  8. I do like Wendell but the interaction between him and Parvati left me a little uncomfortable.
  9. The editors are really throwing Wendell under the bus this season. I never thought he'd take such a villainous turn, but I'm a little intrigued by it.
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  10. This is certainly not the edit I was expecting from Wendell but if it means Michele eventually axes him then I’m here for it.

    Also did anyone click the iconique shot of Parvati and Michele on the swing? I let out a gay gasp.
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  11. I haven't seen Parv play previously but what she showed this season was instantaneously stanworthy. And it sounds like she didn't even get to tap into her true capabilities!
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  12. Oh, she's golden...specifically in Micronesia and HvV. It's even thrilling just watching her have conversations with people because she's so charismatic.
  13. Parvati is the best player of this franchise and I won't hear otherwise.
  14. Yeah Parvati in her earlier seasons was electric. Whew, an icon.
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  15. Uno


    If Sandra’s planned had worked out and Tony was eliminated, it would’ve been such a gag.

    This is the second time Denise has been spared over a favorite of mine - the first being Natalie.

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  16. I’m so sad this season got cancelled and we’ll never know what happened after Rob’s elimination :(((
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  17. If the tea that I’ve seen is correct, then this is definitely the missed shot at Tony and he’s in the ideal spot to win now. The edit has tried giving him a more neutral narrative but I just can’t see anyone else winning unless Sophie’s gamebot edit miraculously pulls through.
  18. What a fucking tragic episode. I can't stand the fact that the new school players have knocked out all of the legends. I guess I still have Winchele to carry the torch and to a lesser extent Kim and Sophie to root for.
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  19. Regardless of whether it was good or not, that was a MOVE. Biting the hand that's fed you, especially when it's frikkin Sandra's, is kinda extremely badass? I gasped! And I don't think it's a bad move overall. It does paint a bigger target on Denise's back, but on the other hand she's now probably solid with Jeremy, and Kim already looked a bit uncertain about Tony anyways.

    It's also kinda interesting how much Wendell and Michele's relationship is being used to drive a negative edit for Wendell. There's definitely going to be some sort of clusterfuck power move where Michele takes him out in future.
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  20. Micro Parv is legendary...if you can make me forget that production screwed over Cirie by switching to a final 2 and robbing her of her victory---you did something right. HvV Parv was also amazing---the entire villains women, (Sandra, Parvati, Jerri, Courtney...maybe not Danielle but she wasn't bad) are what legends are made of. Again, prayer circle around Yul. I feel the Wendell/Michelle thing is just getting started and if they go to tribal again, Michelle will work with Wendell who will choose to keep Nick over Yul and I will throw something at my tv.
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