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Survivor S40: Winners at War

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Alright, now that he's gone I can officially say this season is extremely underwhelming. Michele was a great watch but if I have to sit through great players leaving all in the name of some dick (dick that talks down to her at that) then it's hard to see why she should go further. Literally a tribe of old school (and Natalie, arguably the best of new school) and new school. This blows.
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  2. Uno


    Another great player given the boot and the likes of Wendell, Nick, Adam, etc. get to stay.

    Jesus Christ.

    Where is the Big Brother-styled riggory when you need it?
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  3. Everyone from the glory days being taken out BEFORE the merge just for all these gamebots to run around for idols, tokens, and stupid twists..this on top of everything that happened to Kelle and Janet last season. I have been there since season 1 episode one but I have finally snuffed out my own torch. The tribe has spoken.
  4. I didn't like Michelle during her season nor did I want her to win AT ALL. And now she thinks she's a great player here to prove herself to the people who don't think she should've won...... Yet she's just digging a deeper grave, to me.

    I hope Survivor pulls some shenanigans to maybe bring more than 1 Edge of Extinctioner back.
  5. Ugh Michele voting out Wendell would’ve been so glorious, why did you do that sis!! I guess it also had to do with what Nick wanted, but I thought he was super tight with Yul and I’m surprised he was so willing to backstab him.

    I absolutely loathe the fact that every single old school player got voted out pre-merge.
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  6. Michele wasn’t in a position to go against the majority and start dictating things, it was a miracle she wasn’t a target this week after Parvati left. Y’all really think she could get away with writing Wendell’s name down twice and risk forcing a tie? She made the best move for her game.
  7. Can we just surprise everyone still in the game that they're actually the jury and tell everyone on Edge of Extinction (+ Sandra) that they're all a merged tribe now? Because i'd much rather see all of them battle it out than who we have left.

    Like... I guess... I like Sarah enough... I guess i'll root for her? I don't think I care about anyone. They literally wiped out all my favorites
  8. The bootlist is a bit tragic but an All Winners season was always going to have faves go early.

    Kim, Sophie, and Michele are glowing this season. Goddesses.
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  9. I.. yeah, i dont understand people coming for Michele because of not voting Wendell out or dictating the vote when she is in the minority herself. She could not do that guys, she was probably glad that it was not her and rightfully took the opportunity that had been presented to herself.

    The season sucks though. The advantages are far too much than what i can handle. Denise's play was not that big, it was just trinket sharing. I think "big moves" picture a different thing than entirely playing two idols. Parvati's was because it was a lot more than that but this is not.
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  10. The contortions to defend Losschele. Literally nobody was gunning for her and the only reason they will be post-merge is her connection to Wendell. That episode alone was a glaring example of what an insidious prick Wendell not only is generally but especially to her. He cannot stand being seen as behind or beneath her in any capacity. Textbook misogyny

    Yul even asked her if she was okay before proposing and suggesting a fair plan that benefited everybody ":(". What a gentle, articulate King. The season is great but the boot order is as bad as it can be. It kind of exposes how... drab the new winners are in comparison to the older ddd
  11. Sis let's not when Yul is a far bigger threat than Wendell as far as connections on the other tribes. Keeping around the prick is often a better move in Survivor than keeping the charismatic leader teebs. Michele was working most closely with Nick this episode and he wanted to go for Yul, so that's what she did. Queen is managing her threat level rather than trying to throw two votes on Wendell and being seen as the 'crazy ex' (even though that's what everyone on Facebook is already doing, we hate to see it) if she forced a tie.
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  12. Aubry stans are livid! We love to see it.

    I still do think Michele did not have any of agency to target Wendell when Nick has came up to her with a plan. She is the outsider and when you in that position you can't go "no i dont wanna do your idea, lets do mine". You would draw attention to yourself and risk the possibility of your name getting thrown out there. Why would she try to rock the boat for someone she did not really know when she outed herself in the Parv vote already? That would be stupid.
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  13. *fairly criticizes and assesses Michele's gameplay after stanning her a week ago*


    Whatever helps you sleep, luv. Keep convincing yourself that her having no agency is somehow indicative of her having covert legendary gameplay
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  14. Welp another disappointing boot. Literally only Tyson has been a satisfying boot this season and there has been like 50 of them.
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  15. I am also an Aubry fan sis, it was a clear jab so no sleep getting lost here.

    I didnt mean that showed her as a legend, i just said it is probably better for her to not make a wave and she probably could not and should not have pushed another plan? I don't understand that critisicm particulary and how it translates her playing badly.

    But while we are here, yes, she is legendaric considering her winning left Probst and GP pressed so much that they completely changed the end game structure and FTC format. The power and impact that, that has.
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  16. Having basically no agency but still managing to deflect the target with the little control you did have while on the outs is great gameplay though.
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  17. I have only been watching Survivor for two seasons now so I decided to use the quarantine as an opportunity to go back and watch some seasons starting with Heroes and Villains. I am gagged, gooped, shook and stanning. The power these women have. Parv, Danielle and Jerri are an iconic trio even if Russell is gross. I just got to the episode where Parv uses the idols on Sandra and Jerri despite being told everyone was voting her out... the absolute GASP I let out. JT really thought he was doing something.
  18. Yas, Heroes vs. Villains is about the only time the fandom agrees on series best seasons. You're in for a ride sis, enjoy the rest of the season and please report back with your thoughts, I can't imagine watching it for the first time again!
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  19. Honestly this might be the best move I've ever seen on this show. Parvati had two idols and was told by her closest ally and friend from her previous season that she needs to save herself but she played it for two other people to save her alliance and basically shift the power in her favor for the rest of season. That's who I call a legend.

    As for the best season, sometimes I slightly prefer Micronesia because it did not suffer from having Rob vs Russel rivalry bullshit, but then I remember Heroes vs Villains had Courtney Yates and that alone wins me over again.
  20. Oh my baby Yul, that was so tragic. Unfortunately, I think his fate was sealed when they lost the challenge - Nick and Michele were always going to throw their lot in with a visibly nasty and aggressive player. I also feel increasingly that Michele and Wendell have played up an anti-staged romance and are tighter than they are projecting. Yul's best strategy might actually have been last week to go with Parvati, but hindsight is such. I was so duped by his edit!

    I'm still really enjoying the season, though, despite the atrocious boot order. The merge and Edge returnee(s? please be Nat and Yul) should shift all the itsy bitsy gears.
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