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Survivor S40: Winners at War

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Courtney had me screaming. Virtually silent/not on camera for 4-5 episodes and then they have her as the "will it be Boston Rob or INSERT WEAK PLAYER" tribal vote for her first appearance of the season. I had no choice but to stan.
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  2. "Thank you Jeffrey" is my favorite quote from the show. Watch Courtney's first season China @tylerc904 if u can. It is one of the best ones and Courtney is completely hilarious in it.
  3. I just finished block exams and caught up on everything to date.

    The elimination order has been TRAGIC and the pure homophobia of sending Parv & Sandra home the same episode was FAR too much, but I'm weirdly fine about it just cause I know there's some kind of tricksies afoot so I hopefully we'll get several returnees from Extinction.

    Whew Ms Denise really grabbed y'all by the bussies and DEMANDED you stan her with that move! Freud could never.
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  4. I am 100% taking recommendations for what to watch next as I intend to wrap up this season tonight. China and Micronesia are both on the table as of now!
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  5. I would recommend watching China first then as the latter has some returning players from that season.
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  6. China and Micronesia are both great. I recommend Gabon too, it's probably the messiest season ever and I enjoyed every minute of those messes. I wish I could watch these seasons for the first time again.
  7. The taste on display here. We love a top 3 season!
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  8. Most of the older seasons are GREAT, but if you want a feel for more contemporary Survivor (because the game has changed a LOT since the show began) which can be way more hit-or-miss then I recommend:
    • Philippines
    • David v Goliath (stan messy QUEEN Angelina and patriarchy smashing icon Gabby)
    • Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn (stan Trish! ironic stan Kass!)
    • Blood vs Water (stan Tina!)
    • Millennials vs Gen X (stan Michaela! stan Jessica!)
    All pretty solid contemporary seasons in my book
  9. I finished Heroes vs. Villains and can legitimately not believe they gave Sandra the money. Don’t get me wrong I love her as much as all of you and she truly is iconic but Parvati so severely outplayed her... I don’t understand. I guess the hero tribe just had to be corny up until the very last minute? I was expecting to be snatched by some last minute game move because I knew Sandra won going into it but all she did was chill in the middle spot. Oh well, better than Russell. Of the three full seasons I’ve seen - this decimates the others. Winners at War is looking to be a distant second.

    I started Micronesia and phew this Fans tribe is absolutely tragic what was the casting thinking hunni?? Thank god Parv is here or I may have jumped to China instead (which I think I will next anyway).
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  10. Parvati underestimated how poorly the jury would receive her involvement with Russell, unfortunately. She tried to convince him not to take Sandra to the end but the guy is so clueless on how to actually win Survivor, he thought it would work. I do low key wish Parvati was our two time winner though, much as I love Sandra.
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  11. I'm so over this 'Wendell and I used to date' thing. Same with 'I need to prove myself this time, because last time people said I didn't deserve it'. I like Michele, but JESUS CHRIST, STOPPPP ITTT!
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  12. Courtney Yates queen of survivee
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  13. @tylerc904 sweetums, I would recommend:
    • S7 Pearl Islands - amazing season narratively, and I think Sandra's win in HvV makes much more sense with this context
    • S14 Cook Islands - some people hate it but I find it super interesting from a strategy perspective, with a huge impact on the show. First Parv appearance.
    • S15 China - all around super fun season; the theme is fantastic; and Todd, Courtney, Amanda and Peih-Gee are great players
    • S16 Micronesia - the post-merge is brilliant, and features possibly the greatest alliance ever (I would say watch the previous ones first though)
    • S25 Philippines - really balanced season between storytelling, strategy and entertainment. Features the greatest winning run ever cucu. Oh, and Abi-Maria.
    • S28 Cagayan - When 'modern' survivor begins; non-stop relentless from start to finish, I still get chills thinking about what a rush it was
    • S31 Cambodia - A returnee season, everyone is out to play and the gameplay gets brilliantly convoluted
    • S32 Kaôh Rōng - Features some of the best season-long narrative arcs, with amazing protagonists and antagonists.
    • S33 Millenials vs GenX - really fun season, and features the most intense tribal council ever (plus the cooky theme isn't laid on too thick)
    • S37 David v Goliath - the last good season, featuring fantastic characters and more laugh-out-loud moments than I can remember
  14. How have none of you fags recommended Gabon yet? A season literally made for the gays.

    Aside from the winner but I just pretend Randy voted for Susie (as he said years later he wish he had)
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  15. Edu


    Gabon is great, Koah Rong is very similar to that season. Both are full of crazy, fun, big characters being insane.
  16. Worth watching specifically for Debbie.
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  17. Fff poor Fiji and King Earl!

    Amazing choices though sis, all five of my absolute favorite seasons are included!
  18. 5 episodes into Micronesia and I am tentatively stanning Tracey. Strong arming the bigger and less hot Jared Padalecki into keeping dead weight Chet? I may have no choice but to...
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  19. No S18: Tocantins!? HOW DARE YOU! This season had so many amazing people. Erinn, Sierra, Taj, Stephen, Coach, JT (the only time I could stand him).
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  20. There are many reasons to watch Koah Rong and Debbie is none of them.
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