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Survivor S40: Winners at War

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. At least this week they got more of it on mic.
  2. It also does not feel exciting anymore. Like what is the point?
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  3. It makes sense, I mean the same is so game-y now that you can just start whispering and even get up and form groups at Tribal now and it doesn’t reflect poorly on your character, that’s just the way things work now.

    You could tell this week Jeff seemed actually fed up with it though and I don’t blame him - production need a reasonable element of control so they can edit down an insane amount of footage into something with a narrative that can fit into an hour long block, and plans shifting literally last minute in an area of the game that’s sort of meant to be like a no fire zone isn’t good for them.

    It’s just sort of a weird case where strategy has gotten so advanced and cutthroat it’s sort of at odds with the fact that the show still has to be a tv show.
  4. Oh you are absolutely right though i meant it for viewer's perspective. They do not feel special or big tv moment anymore, they rather feel like a chore to get through. It is one of those moments when the game overshadowing tv show which is quite the norm nowadays.
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  5. Penner wasn’t in seasons 1 or 2. He first played in season 13. Did you mean Jeff Varner?
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  6. I think NOT being able to whisper adds a more surprise element because then people can change their votes but not be able to coordinate that with their allies. It'd make the vote tally more exciting.
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  7. Michele schooling Thicc into a cross eyed blubbering mess on the beach after Jeremy's vote was a scream. She truly blazed that two hour slog of an episode but i feel like this end game energy she has isn't enough to cinch her the win against... any of the other players (maybe Ben?)

    And i swear if Natalie giving Tyson an idol is foreshadowing his second return to the game i-

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  8. Can Denise gooo??? Like this whole queen slayer shtick just doesn't sit right with me!

    Also how is no one trying to split Sarah Palin & Tony yet, for fucks sake.
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  9. I was worried at first, but if anything I have a feeling it's only confirming Natalie's return.

    I was rooting for Thicc Nick but he really screwed up getting rid of Jeremy. How no one tried to split up Tony/Sara...
  10. Because they are so fucking stupid. Nick, Denise and Ben are just not bright.
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  11. This season really turned out to be a big dud. I know Tony and Sarah are the best players, but I’m actually rooting for Michelle or Natalie to win it all.
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  12. Tony is a very distant third for me at this point since he’s hustled, but the fact that everyone just let him do so with no major opposition makes for an underwhelming win.

    At this point I’m fully expecting Denise to bring up her double immunity play multiple times during final TC and I will cringe every single time.
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  13. Last time I said I didn't like Michelle, y'all came for me. But if Michelle wins this season I am going to feel really burnt by this season. I just think she's really hit or miss when it comes to everything she does.
    Sarah, however, is one of my favorite winners so I guess i'm rooting for her unless like... Parvati happens to come back into the game and make some big end of game moves.
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    I just don’t understand how everyone is comfortable with Sarah & Tony constantly working as an inseparable unit. It’s down to the final 7 and no one seems to care?
  15. It truly baffles me that nobody has gone after Tony and Sarah. There’s no denying Tony has played the strongest game and I will be very surprised if he doesn’t win the whole thing.

    Yeah, overall this season has been very underwhelming. It hasn’t been bad, but it hasn’t lived up to the hype. And the boot order is truly one of the worst in Survivor history.

    Hopefully it can redeem itself by Natalie getting back into the game and making F3, along with Winchele.
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  16. i am still hoping a woman takes this home..i mean i know its likely tony's game to lose at this point but I suppose there's a small sliver of a chance
  17. Nathalie should just win only because she was able to get 14 fire tokens. The rest just got predictable and there are too many idols in play.
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  19. When I tell you I was actually SCREAMING when she pulled it out. Queen.
  20. Winchele with these back to back immunity wins

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