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Survivor S40: Winners at War

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. With all this dead time now I’d love for production to edit down the edge and make it a mini series or something: there were multiple FTC vote confessionals that alluded to Natalie’s strong social game but we never got to see it because it would’ve been obvious she was coming back.

    Regarding another winners season, apparently Season 40 started as a ‘Survivor Legends’ season which is why Hatch and Tina were called and then cut at the last minute. Hopefully that’s our next foray into returnees because returnee/newbie mixed seasons tend to be so stilted.
  2. Fans really don't understand how playing a game like Survivor can really affect you emotionally. This is a game only few people get to play; you often make life-long bonds with the other players. I totally understand why someone would prioritize those friendships over winning the money. People aren't machines. When you play a game like this, feelings are going to spill out. It's inevitable.

    What Ben did was very old school. I appreciated it. It felt very human in way rarely seen in modern Survivor.
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  3. Ben's moment was sweet in theory but Sarah was going to be his friend whether or not she had his permission to vote him out so the whole thing was whack and embarrassing. She was literally trying to figure out the best way to keep him in and not get burned by an idol.
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  4. This is why I’m a biT of a boomer about Survivor: the old school seasons really captured the human aspect of the game. I thought it was interesting they left in Tony’s FTC bit about how viewers don’t see the social aspect just the strategic because that’s...not how it used to be.
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  5. Natalie winning the comeback challenge, finding an idol and winning final immunity fffffffffffff i was eating my rice cakes and hummus at SPEED. Imagine if the girls dumped Adam or Denise on day 2 instead of Winners at War Runner-Up Miss Anderson. The antics we would have enjoyed! ":("

    I liked the season a lot though, honestly. I'd happily watch that exact cast play again in the future. Tony ruling with an iron fist and not receiving a single vote is the kind of pre-eminance i want from a winner of an all winners season. Plus... dad
  6. If y’all are interested the Ponderosa videos are all on YouTube and a ton of fun:

    Seeing intellectual queens Sophie and Kim connecting was a cool moment. Kim saying Sophie was the kind of friend she never knew she needed but was so glad to have made me a bit emosh.
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  7. This Ponderosa video has more emotional pull than most of the season's episodes combined and I'm only ten minutes in. I really love some of these players and seeing the social dynamic of forming and maintaining bonds and not alliances to me is where the beauty of Survivor lies. It's not for everyone maybe, but it is for me at least. I felt like we just didn't get that with this season so it's nice to see that with this video.
  8. It was a good season. Apart from the blunder of repeating the Edge, I feel like they gave it a really good faith go at what an all winners season should be by assembling a phenomenal cast and letting them go at it. The season's momentum fizzled sometime after the merge when it became just the Tony (and Sarah) show and no one seemed to be able or willing to mount a challenge to that. I do wish the edit was a bit more balanced and shown some of the subplots that never aired (like the fact that there was a Kim-Sophie-Denise queens alliance?!). But in place of a good gameplay season, it became a bit of a send-off for the characters the show has created; I found a lot of the finale and all of Ponderosa really quite moving.

    Tony was one of the show's most unique winners even after his first win, and makes a lot of sense as the only other two-time winner. I agree with @strangekin that there were far worse horrors the show was keen to foist as its alpha male prototype; his chaotic gamebotting has always made the show more entertaining instead of being an awful ego trip to watch, like Russel and even Boston Rob.

    Apart from Michele, Natalie, Sophie and maybe Adam, I don't think we'll see any of these players playing again. For future returnee seasons, there are a few pickings up to Season 30 that could have another go (Malcolm, Andrea, Kass, Spencer etc.) but Season 30 onwards, despite being a pretty bad run, has enough good players for multiple stacked casts.
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  9. @beyoncésweave I’d honestly put money on Yul being back though! I think production really likes him and he had one of the most positive edits despite not being much of a key player in the season at all. I think he is just genuinely a lovely guy which helps.
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  10. I would love nothing more! His brief cameo in the FTC made me wish it was just him interviewing the final three. Everytime he speaks and lays everything out with goodnatured intellect and reason, I am left... moist. But his Ponderosa bits really made it seem like this was a one-time thing for him. Unlike a lot of other players, I feel like Yul doesn't think of himself having a Survivor narrative (and he seems to have a fully formed life where it factors very little) so coming on this time seems to have been just this fun little thought experiment for him.
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  11. Am I alone in feeling like we weathered the worst storm of seasons in the 20’s? There are a handful of complete duds in the 30’s but damn was it bleak there for a bit before Miss Denise swept the Philippines.
  12. I remember Cagayan being a pretty good season from that era too. And probably unpopular opinion but I remember personally enjoying Nicaragua and Caramoan at the time. Redemption Island was certainly one of the worst of all time. I literally have no recollection of One World, South Pacific, Blood vs. Water, or San Juan Del Sur. I’m pretty sure I gave up on a couple of those four very early on in the season.
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  13. Nicaragua is high key great in a Gabon way plus it gave us Brenda. Cagayan is one of my favorite seasons full stop, it’s mostly that streak of Season 22-24 that was just dire overall. I remember loving both BvW seasons at the time but rewatches have...not been favorable to the pre-merge bar a few episodes (shout out to Natalie going off on that racist athlete neanderthal).
  14. San Juan Del Sur was amazing for me, I liked One World even if it was too predictable.
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  15. If history repeats itself, 41 should usher in a new dark age of Survivor just like post-HvV. Whew!


  16. Sophie's The Jury Speaks is great of course. She sums up why Michele got no votes despite playing a good game in a nice way.
  17. Watching this rn.. Some of the reaches for some players especially Amber skgskgsk.

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  18. [​IMG]

    Queen of the gays
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  19. Edu


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