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Survivor S40: Winners at War

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Michele's redemption storyline was a nice watch. I feel like had there never been an "all winners" season, she probably would have been very low on castings radar as a general returnee, but now I think we will see her again sooner than later.
  2. A Butterfly stan...taste!
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  3. "Each winner's signautre move is different, and goes to show that there's more than one way to skin a cat... wait, Brian Heidik isn't here right?"

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  4. I'm surprised this is my main takeaway from watching the Ponderosa video, but Amber seems like such a lovely person. I would've been curious to see how she did going deep.
  5. Yes!! Her presence was so felt during that whole thing.

    One last time for the old schoolers all gone far too soon...
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  6. I say that's my baby and I'm so proud.
  7. Ffff one of my favorite players of all time. Bring ha back again
  8. Not PAT.
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  9. Courtney is definitely gonna comeback, she's still very active in Survivor company and still a huge Sandra stan and friend. I'd love to see her back for the planned Legends season. But we'll probably get likes of Jenna from Ghost Island instead.
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  10. Probably not much, Since she hardly tried In the few days she actually played, and said herself the only reason she came was to support Rob.
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  11. Has there ever been a top three more iconique than China?
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  12. Amanda iconic? Never.
  13. Definitely one of the best top 3 ever. The absolute best was Cirie, Parvati and Amanda though.
  14. The fact that they reverted back to a final 2 for that season only, though. Sigh.
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  15. Now this is iconic because two thirds were brilliant. In China, Courtney was a scream and a fav but only Todd really played hard. If only Gerri had snuck into the Top 3 instead of Russel, then HvV would have a truly untouchable final tribal council.
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  16. The fact that Cirie was effectively robbed of her rightful win by James’s fucking finger. American Crime Story.

  17. nn to tell you that i screamed
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  18. I continued my watch from the start and phew season two is annoying. This corny ass “those who have a good heart” alliance. Once queen Jerri left the season nose dives. I can so imagine how Colby was such a fan favorite given how pious he is. Knowing how the finale turns out... got what you deserved. It was cute seeing Amber play. Elizabeth remains annoying.

    At least season one had the messy villain Sue! What should I watch next chronologically? When does it start picking up in terms of strategy?
  19. Maybe I'm biased because of Ethan but season 3 is really good imo. Great cast and T-Bird is the sweetest human being to exist.
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  20. I watched Season 2 years later and also found it boring, but Season 2 is all about what is lurking under the surface and the historical context. There was a lot of backlash around Hatch winning Season 1 and so Australia was supposed to be the "morally good" season. Tina used this to her advantage by playing on people's morals and maneuvering through the game as the 'matriarch'. Here's more about why she's one of the absolute best to ever play: forewarning that it's from Reddit, but it's easily the best summation I've ever seen for her gameplay and strategy.
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