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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.



    - The cast for both 41 & 42 re finalized. The cast for 41 is about to depart. They are going through last minute arrangements.
    - No returnees for both of these seasons unless something drastic happens
    - It is gonna be in Fiji
    - 41 is being planned to get filmed during April to mid- May. Then they will start filming 42

    It is happening guys
  2. YAS I love our little Survivor group here!

    Season 39/40 were a mixed bag overall with some incredible episodes. I'm hoping an all newbie season goes closer to David v. Goliath which is easily the best modern season.

    Also give us a female winner again, goddammit.
  3. I agree with all of this.

    I love Survivor. SurvivorTube channels is my new addiction.
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  4. Edu


    I miss this show so much! I even rewatched Kaoh Rong early this year.
    Australian Survivor is also currently filming its new season... In Australia.
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  5. I'm ready.

    I hope the viewership doesn't take too big a hit after they broke the twice a year cycle for the first time since the show started.
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  6. Do we know the theme of S41? I remember they talked about a cast of teenagers before the pandemic happened.
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  7. There were talks of that but i also remember reading about how they forfeited a cast and re-picked a different one so i dont think we will see the teenagers season soon.

    I am still hoping that Jeff stays true to his word and puts Edge to the bin of twists that were horrible where it belongs.
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  8. Edge of Extinction is both a broken concept and a dumbass idea but I can't say I wasn't living for Natalie Anderson breaking the whole thing open on Winners at War. A fitting conclusion to that twist.
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  9. I'm still pressed about Natalie losing to Tony


    The way they could've ended an uneven season iconically AND crowned another woman by having Natalie come from behind with the win


    The way they flubbed an easily producible compelling conclusion to the narrative they introduced with Edge of Extinction


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  10. Unfortunately I have zero faith in Jeff and the current production team. In recent years, it feels like the contestants need to fight AGAINST their dumb ideas to deliver a good season, and their casting process is so shitty it only happens sporadically.
    I’ll be watching, though.
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  11. Are you fucking kidding me that the pandemic couldn't stop them from going back

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  12. The winner should've been Michele though.
  13. Michele should’ve got zero votes in Kaoh Rong to begin with, so it felt correct when it finally happened in Winners At War.
    The former winners going “hey, if you make it to end without making any moves and depending on a couple of immunity challenges wins, even the first boot is more deserving of the title than you” was satisfying.
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  14. "What is social game"
  15. Nah, I don’t agree with this line of defense of Michele’s game at all. She just lucked her way to the end, similarly to Fabio. Girl didn’t create a single plan the entire season, just waited for someone to include her in something and then followed. She depended 100% on Aubry and Cydney planning things, was lucky Aubry convinced Tai to flip, was lucky two guys got medevaced and was lucky the jury had obnoxious and bitter people like Jaison, Scot and Debbie, that would never get over the fact they were outplayed by a gay Asian guy and a nerdy girl. It was easier to just vote for the pretty and inoffensive white girl.
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  16. Anyway.gif

    We have official announcement as well.
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  17. I don't suppose anyone knows where it's easy to watch this/previous series?
    I used to download Survivor on Limewire back in the day and I found 1 series of the Australian version on Prime which I just finished and need more!
  18. Sis what is this heterosexual take.

    Michele didn't luck into the finale any more than Aubry did, given that Aubry was directly saved by Neil's med evac. Despite being a jury threat due to not burning bridges she was able to get in on the majority alliance after sacrificing her closest ally Julia (knowing she would get her vote at the end). Once she was finally identified as a threat she won the key challenges needed to stay in the game. She blew up Tai's game and got him to burn his advantage on her, causing him to squander any remaining goodwill the jury may have had for him. This is on top of the fact that Aubry wasn't a particularly good player in her first season: she had the cross out vote which made her look wishy washy, she burned Debbie in the blindside even after getting to know her well enough to surely be able to read Debbie would take it personally, and she shut out Scot when he was scrambling rather than hearing him out for the sake of jury management knowing he would be on the jury at that point. Michele had one of the strongest FTC performances in the series, and it was solidified by the 5-2 final vote: even with Neil there Michele still would've won. Scot and Jason hated Cydney for turning on them which comes through in the Ponderosa videos from the season, and Cydney gave Michele her vote despite being closely aligned with Aubry.

    This isn't necessarily directed at you but it also never makes sense when people hold up someone like Tom as a top tier winner for never going to a tribal council pre-merge but then fault someone like Michele for it like she didn't obviously contribute to them missing those tribal councils. Kaoh Rong is one of my favorite seasons because it ultimately proves that no amount of twists and production gimmicks can fully steer Survivor away from what it's always been: a social experiment that tests contestant's abilities to persuade and manipulate others for personal gain.
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  19. Uno


    I'll never forgive that fucking stupid fire token twist that ended up amounting to literally nothing except screwing over Sandra.
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