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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Hell yes. One of the best ever, certainly the best since Cagayan.

    I think Xander has this in the bag (gag); that's how the edit is leaning, but if Erika wins...this will be a top 5 season for me.

    DeShawn is a great character. Characters who play emotionally tend to make far better TV than characters who are cold and tactical. Even if emotional players are sometimes frustrating, at least they'll bring the drama.
  2. Just watched last week's episode. Wow, What a great tribal council. The conversation that was had was very emotional. Really sucks that it ended in all the non-black contestants voting out Liana. Ricard can go anyy time guys, c'mon.
  3. Not the final five I was expecting when the merge happened! Whew
    With one exception (Sorry Heather), I guess all the other four could state their case and win, so this will be an interesting 2-hour final episode.
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  4. Not Miss Deshawn having 9 lives in this game.

    This episode was at least the second time the episode title came directly from a Xander quote (the other being Betraydar).
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  5. Erika's edit was good this episode! Queen of Edgic.
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  6. I would gag if Erika won. I'm hoping she does.
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  7. Erika looks to be getting some semblance of a winner’s edit but my heart beats for a Ricard win. He has bodied this season, it’s true it’s true.
  8. If Miss Ricard makes it into the final tribal council, he wins hands down, which also gives him the hardest path to victory. He has played the best game and would make for a very solid and narratively compelling winner. And the second gay male neutral-evil flight attendant winner!

    A DeShawn/Erika/Xander FTC would be the most exciting finish because each has a real shot due to their messy and emotional favourite cousin/under the radar strategic queen/goofy lone solider trajectories, which make it hard to tell where the votes would fall. But whereas DeShawn and Xander have fairly visible narratives to justify their wins, Erika would’ve been done more than a little dirty by the editors if she won. I forsee all the girls and gays having to defend her just like Sophie and Michele (similarly less visible but good players) until her redemption as a returnee years later. But I still want a woman to win at any cost so I am ready for the task!
  9. I’m pretty convinced Xander isn’t winning, despite his pretty decent edit. The tides clearly shifted at one point when he went from everyone’s target to no one’s target, but we were never shown exactly how that happened.

    I wish I could root for Ricard, who definitely has played the best all-around game of the 5, but I just can’t get past his resting-disdain for everyone else-face ddd.

    That being said, the only win I couldn’t get behind at all is Heather, which just…isn’t happening fff
  10. I find Ricard to be kind of eye-rolly. I just don't think he's likeable. And he's only doing good because everyone else is doing bad, or making weird decisions -- and because they keep letting him have shots at winning immunity.

    My roommate and I always joke about him being the sole reason we no longer can have "Come on in, Guys", And therefore must be defeated. Which- sorry if you thought that was a good change- I don't care one way or the other I just think it's funny that no one really cared except Ricard.
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  11. This whole mishigas is on Jeff & production .. in fact i wouldn't be surprised if the producers convinced Ricard to raise his hand upon the initial non-reaction of the castaways ;p
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  12. Jeff/production obviously wanted the guys change to be a whole thing to tie in with 41 taking the franchise in a new, progressive direction. They’ve done it with all the subtly of a particularly unsubtle sledgehammer but it’s all so achingly well-intentioned that I have to admire it. I think the fact that they’ve also given significant airing to nuanced, meaningful meta-commentary about how race/gender factor into the game is a good sign (though I hope it’s something they continue to push to the forefront of the show instead of just making it 41’s ~thing).

    So he’s only winning because…he’s winning? Ok. Ricard deniers don’t make sense!
  13. I mean, he can win all the challenges he wants, I would be petty and not vote for him to win just because I don't like his, let's say, in-game personality. That said, I feel like the finale votes are rarely based off petty things like Big Brother tends to be. So he would probably win just based on the fact he has been doing so well.
  14. For better or worse, Survivor seasons have always been a reflection of the times they air in. It's what keeps the show relevant. In the David vs Goliath season, I think, there was a conversation between two castaways about White privilege.

    When anyone talks about Erika's edit disqualifying her from the win, I think back to Natalie White, who won her season despite getting her first confessional four episodes in (which was shameful). I agree that a Ricard, Erika and Deshawn final 3 would be the most exciting, because their gameplays have been so different but equally "valid" and it'd feel like anyone could take it.
  15. Ricard definitely wins if he is there. Obviously he is the most respected player remaining in the game. But i don't think he will be there.

    My winner pick is Erika. She might not have a flashy edit pre-merge cause her tribe didn't go to tribals and unlike Michele in the Kaoh Rong, i think the production theme edited the season like a "murder mystery" (This was something Jeff used to describe the season). Erika does not have negative tones so far and she was pretty consistent edit-wise post merge. People treat her as a savy and strategic player.
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  16. Ricard might pull a Mike Holloway (s.30 winner - Blue x White x Red collar) and win immunity after immunity making his way to the final. I think that's the only way he will get there.
    Unless of course het gets to the final four and win the fire making challenge. I doubt anyone will pick him to be in the final three.
  17. It was in Island of the Idols. I loved the conversation between Jamal and Jack.
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  18. And here are some news from S42. There are nothing about placements so i'm not gonna put anything in spoiler box

    -Still 26 days
    -Will begin airing in March
    -Pretty much same format expected as they did with 41. Three tribes, no swaps, same twists and advantages etc
    -And here is the most "spoiler" ish thing, the production is allegedly happy with how season turned out. Apparently there were a lot of crazy tribals, used advantages and shocking eliminations.
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  19. Tonight's finale will be the first since season 1 where the winner will be announced immediately, on the island. They weren't sure if they'd be able to have a live finale in LA so instead of doing a zoom call like last year, they opted to just read the votes and find out the winner day-of.
    And they're then having an immediate after show instead of a reunion. Hopefully that'll be juicy.
  20. Uno


    5th: Heather
    4th: Xander
    3rd: Deshawn
    2: Erika
    1. Ricard

    5. Ricard
    4. Erika
    3. Xander
    2. Heather
    1. Deshawn
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