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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. I am sad and disappointed at the showcasing of evil in form of fire making challenge

    Delete this
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  2. Wait I forgot Erika is Canadian. Queen.
  3. Heather found suing the rope.
  4. Hot take:

    DeShawn is about to fall backwards into this win. Thanks, I hate it

    Wait OMG, Ricard just came for his throat.
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  5. I live.
  6. Damn
    I thought DeShawn had it in the bag, but he's so unprepared. Xander too.
    Erika, take it, it's yours.
  7. Someone justify that win for me because I don't agree with it at all. Like... what did you really do this season other than partake in the stupidest twist in Survivor history?
  8. Did you watch anything after that twist? She was a major deciding factor in every single vote from that point on.
  9. I stopped watching like 3 eps in but AHHhhhh!!! Canadian QUEEN l;askdshdjgkfskdal

    I have no idea about the drama at all but YAS make the fandom SEETHE and then snatch that cheque with the amazing exchange rate from USD!!!!!!!!!
  10. I love this show I've never had any critiques
  11. Me lying
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  12. I guess I didn't pay enough attention. I never felt she was doing much in comparison to Xander and Ricard who were playing hard and winning things.

    Most of the fandom from what I seen really wanted to her win.
  13. Couldn’t they have edited out Jeff acting like everyone’s aunt and offering everyone refills every 5 seconds? Ddd
  14. I need a supercut of every time Jeff threw shade at Heather this season. It was hilarious. He kept making little light hearted digs at her.
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  15. Uno


    After Ricard got booted she was my pick to win - so very happy for her. I just wish the production team would put in a bit more effort in making it feel more satisfying.
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  16. Xander is horrible at defending himself. A deserved 0 vote getter.

    Erika however dominated that FTC. Best winner since Michele. No, no it is true. (Bar Tony)
  17. I was surprised because it seemed like he had his ideas in order in the pre-FTC confessionals. My guess is he crumbled under the pressure, I probably would have done far worse at 20. I also think he completely lost the jury with how he related their read of the Deshawn-Erika conflict.
  18. Xander got a really good edit, but he was completely irrelevant nearly the entire post-merge. His target dropped considerably early into the merge and that was for a reason.

    I'm also gagging at how anyone thought DeShawn would win after all his shenanigans.
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  19. Stanning Michele has legitimately increased my mental fortitude nn, I can't wait to take up the mantle for Erika.
  20. Considering how the show edits their white "hot" male guys with idols, his edit was pretty poor imho. They even edited Brad Culpepper better than him. Once Tiff and Evvie left, we didn't hear from him about his gameplay, relationships etc. Everybody acknowledged his idol and moved onto their plans without him.

    I am ready to fight against hetties for her.
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