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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. I also love that they cast at least 2 gay men and a trans man.
  2. Uno


    All of the girls this season are such great personalities so far! I'm glad they kept Tori - can already tell sis is going to deliver absolute chaos & messery.

    I'm channeling a Maryanne, Swati, and Jenny F3.
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  3. Jenny on that puzzle

    I'm manifesting a win! Or a fallen angel at worst!

    Also i need another iconique alliance like Black Widow Brigade. These girlies have it in them, i know.
  4. Tori throwing the Coachran lite under the bus as soon as she sets foot on the camp


    "We have the skinny guys alliance"

  5. Tori is giving Angelina vibes. I’m excited.
  6. I'm glad you all like Tori because I was immediately drawn to her too. I hope she goes far.
  7. I'm pretty happy with this cast! Maryanne is a queen
  8. This season looks like it might be camp! I especially enjoyed: the ouroboros immunity idol a producer picked up from an antique shop in Suva; there being literally two people who are athletic; Maryanne’s uncontrollable sobs at Jackson leaving; the short-lived skinny legend alliance; and Angelina 2.0. The cast verges on being a bit too nice, but they are primed for mess and I foresee Drea and ha shady eyes spicing things up! The editing was also really well balanced? I feel like we got to hear from everyone.

    Also Jenny Hive let’s assemble! Queen of triangles, keeping her vote and couture (that green striped smock, yas!)

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  9. I thought for sure Tori would be first boot based on her edit and messery but thank god they kept her! Who knows how long she’ll last but sis is gonna deliver.
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  10. Same, I thought she was getting the "super fan who plays way too hard in the first 3 days and get booted" edit
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  11. I knew Marianne's reaction sounded familiar!

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  12. Mike running to tell half the tribe about his idol and then losing it. That’s my clueless daddy!
  13. There's something very punchable about Jonathan but that demonic growl he kept doing during the immunity challenge had my bussy bubbling. Yes my tittied King. Protect the TV personalities and then perish right before the merge!

    Jenny wrapping that random crab up like an Etsy order and then making Hai break his veganism. Queen stays Queen

  14. I wonder if anyone will ever get lucky when playing their shot in the dark thingy. Season 40 Sidney currently found laughing.
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  15. I partied with the iconic Abi Maria last night and my life feels full circle.
  16. There was a shift in my spirit when i first saw Daniel's dislocated ass on episode one. Thems the types of players to ruin my favourite's games and like clockwork here we are! Literally what did he gain out of that neurotic cringe fest of a tribal performance? It's giving worst of all time

    Jennifer Kim chose looks and books. I'll miss ha

  17. That was a shambolic episode. It's so interesting to see the same twists have a vastly different impact. When Daniel said at second three of the negociation he wasn't willing to go to rocks, he gave up any leverage he had...and he's a lawyer?!

    Also, I love Maryann but can anyone explain why her entire tribe knows about her advantages? They're really counting on Jonathan beasting all of these challenges huh.
  18. Uno


    Daniel sunk like a stone this episode. Claiming Chanelle told him to vote for Lydia when she wasn't even at the tribe before he decided he was voting with Jenny & Mike... what a clown.
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  19. I could barely keep up with what was going on that tribal. But Daniel was floundering around like a fish. I was like... Gurl what are you doing? Chanelle told him to vote for Lydia, then he was like turning on Chanelle, and I was just like... so lost. He's gonna be on the outs for sure.
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  20. I am LOVING this season so far - really great cast and all the twists are working well.

    I feel so bad for Jenny. If Chanelle didn't overthink the wheel, none of this would have happened - she was too excited and didn't think logically. She told Omar she needed her vote so she should've assumed he would assume she would play it safe... Next tribal will be interesting if Omar's tribe goes - Maryanne and Omar won't have a vote unless the idol gets activated! I need to rewatch the whole conversation at the end - Daniel clearly just threw Chanelle under the bus but I wonder if Chanelle should have responded less defensively. Jenny's not on the jury, if she just went along with Hai at that point, who thought Chanelle was with him, they would leave the tribal with much less friction and Daniel would still come out looking crazy...
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