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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Well next episode they will probably drop the final 3-way beware idol since they've been doing it one a week. So it could potentially be activated next episode. Could make for an interesting episode.
  2. I really don't think they do weekly drops, they just happened to find them in different episodes.
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  3. I just went back and watched, because your post confused me.

    Chanelle DID tell Daniel to vote for Lydia when she returned from the excursion, and only said otherwise infront of Hai (who is obviously aligned with Lydia). I think Chanelle comes out of this tribal looking waaayyy worse off than Daniel, who is likely going to join up with Hai and Lydia. I get Chanelle's motive for not revealing who she intended to vote for, in case Lydia stayed, but she's lost the trust of Hai and Lydia anyway, and simultaneously lost the trust of Daniel in the process.
  4. What a dumb episode.

    Who thought 20 minutes of them floundering around in the water with a ladder would be entertaining? Jeff crawling up Jonathan’s hole was also nauseating and shows that he hasn’t really changed his old masculinity worshipping ways at all - of course the only young, built man on the cast is going to excel in physical challenges. It makes me wonder why they bothered to cast a relatively un-athletic cast if they’re just going to give them the same old challenges.

    And WHO thought all these complex, overlapping advantages were a good idea? There’s actually no point having a social game or planning ahead if it’s just going to be scuppered without warning by whatever crackpot simultaneous equations Jeff has hidden around the island on scraps of paper. Dumb. It’s actually so annoying to watch a smart, aware player like Jenny have to beg for her life because of a series of mind-numbing flukes.

    The episode’s only saving grace was my private fantasy of snuggling up in Mike’s hoody after a night spent get my *** ******
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    My post meant that Jenny/Daniel/Mike planned on voting Lydia before Chanelle ever came back from the summit. When Chanelle returned, she agreed with the plan to vote Lydia, however Daniel has already planned to vote Lydia well before Chanelle was in the conversation so his excuse of "I am only voting Lydia because Chanelle told me to" is bullshit.
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  6. The icy fire Chanelle directed towards Daniel during tribal - I’m going to have to stan on that one.
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  7. Something about Survivor these days just seems so Fast good convenience lite. Idols and advantages every 5 minutes. I think starting with 3 tribes is a dislike of mine.
    I’m glad Australian Survivor is ticking the box for that long drawn out game.
    Jonathan wears a cross and has bad hair. But damn those pecs are the best we’ve seen on survivor in a while.
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  8. I'm caught up girlies, and while that episode was a mess I have decided Chanelle is the one to back so long as we see her wielding Daniel's head on a pike inevitably.
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  9. I definitely agree about 3 tribes. I prefer 2. Easier to get to know the characters as well.

    I appreciate that 41 and 42 is a lot about the GAME but I do wish it was pulled back a little and focused again on the social experiment side. It's a bit annoying as a viewer (and I'm sure a player) when you can have a solid social game, build your alliances and whatever but then a stupid "turn back time" twist or whatever comes along and ruins your day.
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    The turn back time twist was so ridiculous, they really need to not bring that back ever again. I'm all for fun twists, but there needs to be some level of fairness to it.
  11. My girl Tori managing to stay in the game once more, we love to see it!
    Marianne telling the rabbit story once again and yet Mike doesn't say a fucking thing? How long is he gonna wait?
    Now I just need the green tribe to go to Tribal Council and vote Daniel out, pls
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    Tori staying over Cochran Jr. was the moment but staying over my Top 3 pick Swati?! She’s gone too far.
  13. Swati was playing soooo hard. She deserved to go. Her final words killed me, though.
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  14. Comparing herself to Boston Rob was bold to say the least nn. But I agree, sis was playing to hard from the get go and telling everyone they were her number 1 was not wise. This is not the Official Charts babe, you don't need that many #1s
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  15. Tori eating up these gamebots.. when it is right, it is right.
  16. I manifested it.
    Also, Chanel voting for Mike in the first round? Gurl, you ok?
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  17. I’m so relieved Daniel proved too annoying for his tribe to keep him on as the requisite goat of the season!
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    Chanelle is an awful player, but a 4th WoC leaving in a row would've had me fuming.
  19. Chanelle's utter contempt for that bumbling idiot was such a kii. "He has one arm" sjdkljslkjsdjskj. This LGBTQ heavy season immediately eradicating the snivelling bedroom warriors that Jeff routinely worships. Get em girls! I also have to give Drea ha props for reciting her potato limmerick so articulately and effortlessly. A public speaker!

  20. The notion of a Drea - Tori - Romeo- Hai - Chanelle alliance fills me with glee. Ugh, the power, the iconery. Taku 4 is gonna fall! Yes, one by one and i manifest it here.
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