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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Ok. I checked out after 3 episodes of 41. Is 42 any good? Still as many advantages/disadvantages/idols/nonidols/nullifiers?
  2. The tribes being evenly matched going into the merge should make for an interesting game and - even more importantly - means we have kind of gotten to know everyone pretty well at this point? Only Lindsay(?) has been invisible.

    And the last couple of episodes have been pretty strong! Lots of interpersonal stuff which is a nice break from the gamebot stuff.
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  3. I mean yeah. It is a Survivor season in the year of 2022. But i like the cast, more than the last year which was basically a Shan show. This feels like it has more fleshed out and interesting characters across the board
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  4. Uno


    That was a long but fantastic episode, y’all. My kink is the target winning immunity and the rest of the cast is scrambling and this episode delivered!

    I’m going to need Tori to fully embrace her unhinged delusional persona and put these people through it for the remainder of her stay.
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  5. Ugh what an excellent episode.

    One of my favourite things on Survivor is when someone plucks themselves from the jaws of death through sheer determination and grit. Tori did that!

    Omar has winner stamped all over him. The way he didn’t even have a vote but orchestrated the elimination and did it all with a smile. I might have to stan on that one.
  6. Tori is too much of a target to reach the endgame, i think but we stan. She is giving Wentworth.
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  7. Amulet, Immunity Idol, Extra Vote Drea has a ring to it. Her frosty shut down of Maryanne at tribal was a kii. Queen wanted to vote and get back in her hammock. I have to say the simp part of my sissy brain is enjoying Jonathan and Mike on a visual level so much i'm kind of rooting for them? When Mike was shouting "climb me! climb me!" during the immunity challenge... where are my climbing gloves!

    Also Rocksroy building an entire apartment and enjoying the sunset with his hands on his hips. King. As the villain in Tori's story arc i can't wish him well but i can wish him... farewell!

  8. I’m going to need the girls and the sissies to wake up and start getting these men ouT. An all-male alliance in 2022? Yuck.
  9. I don't have much hope with this bunch. The fact that they've had 2 opportunities to get rid of Jonathan and they haven't yet??
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  10. The way they have an eight person alliance and the only person who seems to be thinking beyond that is Omar…cut king his cheque and let’s go.
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  11. If Tori goes next i s2g. How is Jonathan not out yet? Are his tiddies that mesmerizing in real life?
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    I'm not mad at them keeping Jonathan around - he seems like a genuinely great guy. He won't get anywhere near the finale, but he's worlds better than any jock/meat shield we've gotten previously.

    I'm hoping the main group can implode before Tori ends her immunity run, but I know it's very doubtful.
  13. I can not stand Hai, he was very rude to Romeo tonight, so um i hope one of the remaining girls sent his ass packing sooner than later. He talks all this game but he really wants to carry 4 people from the same tribe to the endgame? Girl bye.
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  14. I agree with you on Jonathan, but him going on an immunity streak is too big of a risk to take and definitely could land him in the finale.

    I'm rooting for Tori and and her chaos-causing ways, but absolutely not if it means her anti-Drea ploys end up working.

    There's absolutely no way Lindsay and her non-existant edit are not a casualty of next week's double elimination.
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    Based on the edits, the only people I could see winning at the moment are: Omar, Jonathan, Drea, Mike, and Maryanne.

    Rocksroy, Hai, Romeo, Lindsay and Tori (as much as I stan her) are filler at this point - it's just a matter of who of the other 5 can maneuver them the best to come out with the win.

    Omar is certainly the most big brained of them all and has the potential to win it, but I also could see him getting Fishbach'd in favor of Mike or Jonathan.
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  16. Ddd miss Jonathan outing himself as a misogynistic all-lives-matter POS, why am I not surprised. Whomst decided to have him compete against all the women, turn your location on I just want to talk.

    Great showing from both Drea and Maryann, I’m so proud of them.
  17. Jonathan has some learning to do for sure, in how to react to a discussion like that and how to have a discussion like that. He was taking it so personally and full of guilt when it was not even directed at him. It was not a good look.

    I hate reading the online comments about this too. It really lacks empathy and understanding. Regardless of the conversation that was had... It was a smart move of both Drea and Maryann to play their idols because of the small pool of potential nominees. And the people watching who do not understand this discussion are going to think they pulled the race card to be saved - but they had their safety anyways, and that is so wonderfully played because they had their idols anyways. No conversation saved them.

    Reality shows have unceremoniously voted out black contestants early or one by one (Let's be honest, many times on many shows there only HAS been 1... maybe 2 even cast), even subconsciously, that this is now a frequent and recurring conversation that needs to be had.
    And also they should never split the tribe into 2 like this because it made the voting pool way too small for no reason other than gimmick.
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  18. Jonathan‘s visible annoyance if a woman so much as speaks. I’m looking forward to his imminent downfall.

    Also, I’m really impressed with Maryann these days. She never fails to speak up for herself even in situations where that’s hard to do (and when the people around her don’t want to take her seriously). She really is a character of principle.
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  19. Drea & Maryanne standing up in perfect unison and marching over to Jeff with their idols was high drag. Drea is just so fucking perceptive. She clocked the watching audience before they could even fix themselves to yell "race card". This lady has the Survivor Thanos Glove and i fear one snap of her fingers might kill Jeff Probst

    Isn't it crazy how Jonathan has spent the whole season feeling like he has to soften his personality to not come across as intimidating or aggressive and still couldn't empathise with Drea's position? Shambolic. Also this mighT be the first episode i even noticed Lindsay but honestly... compassionate queen of balancing!

  20. I'm sick of the hero worship Jonathan's been getting and glad the tide is (hopefully) turning on him now.
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