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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. It was a wow moment.
    Maryann was so eloquent.
    I’m going to miss Tori.
    Surely the producers could have rigged the shot in the dark so lindsay went home.
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  2. It’s going to be interesting to see how Drea navigates the rest of the game, particularly in regards to Maryann. Judging from what she said, she seemingly didn’t think she/the other Black players needed to make an all-Black alliance to protect one another. So to watch that illusion shatter for her in real time was…as compelling as it was painful. Are she and Maryann going to go forward in the game united? And how is the intrusion of ~real life into the game going to affect how everyone else plays? There could be some interesting episodes ahead.

    Also, it’s a shame producers couldn’t be bothered putting together an edit for Lindsay because from what we’ve seen she’s played a smart game and is quite cool. They could easily have positioned her as a front runner alongside Omar and Drea.
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  3. Uno


    If I had to predict the next eliminations:

    8th: Hai/Romeo
    7th: Jonathan
    6th: Romeo/Hai
    5th: Drea
    4th: Omar
    3rd: Lindsay
    2nd: Mike
    1st: Maryanne

    I can't see anyone winning outside of Maryanne/Drea/Mike/Omar but I think the cast would be stupid to bring Drea & Omar anywhere near the finale. Mike is the only person left with an idol so I think he'll have a smooth ride to the finals and no one perceives Maryanne as a threat but she's also well connected so she will be able to swing herself there too. I think we will have a similar situation as last season with the jury rewarding someone who played a quieter, uphill battle of a game.
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  4. Lindsay is going to end up being an icon though (once enough people leave to where they have no option but to give her more screentime)

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  5. Another amazing episode and one of the many reasons I love Survivor.

    Drea and Maryanne were fantastic
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  6. I for one am shocked that a white man with dreads made a conversation about race all about him before having the audacity to call a black woman aggressive with his whole chest on national tv

    Maryanne, Drea, or Omar only at this point. Though I do love this mini feud of the gays between Romeo and Hai.
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  7. Romeo saying Mike is 100 years old was a true moment
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    Team Romeo over Hai, I know that's right.
  9. I am so bummed the chaotic legend Tori went home even if Drea and Maryanne's moment was powerful.

    So glad Romeo skated by tho.
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  10. Maryanne, idol queen!!

    God, Mike is horrible at this but ngl, i live for the emotional messery he puts us through
  11. Omar is playing these girls like it’s nothing. King.
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  12. This is for the Drea Hive who just lost somebody. Our best friend, our baby, our legend, our lady. Put your buffs way up high, we wont never say bye!

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    I wish we got more of the Drea that we saw when she was eliminated. She was tough as nails and so serious the entire time but really fun and lighthearted once she got the boot.

    I was really rooting for her to come out on top this last episode; really weird of Omar to give Mike the heads up when he could've effectively removed 2 advantages in one quick sweep. Glad Drea exposed his ass before leaving though - that might've been a million dollar mistake for him.

    After this episode, I'm certain Romeo will be dragged to final 3 as the goat. I still think Mike & Maryanne will be 2nd and 1st respectively.
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  14. Yeah i feel like we will see Omar going home in next episodes now that he is kinda exposed by Drea.

    Her edit is bad but i think Lindsey is the strongest player at the moment. Not as flashy as Omar, but she seems to be slipping through the cracks while subtly making moves.
  15. I'd be satisfied if any of Maryanne/Omar/Lindsey wins this season.
  16. I get the feeling we'll get a Linds/Maryanne/Romeo final 3 and I'm ok with that. Romeo gets 0 votes and it's between the girls
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  17. Uno


    Yeah there’s no way Maryanne isn’t winning this.
  18. Iconic winner to-be. Maybe Survivor “2.0” is making some points.
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  19. Drea sitting there in the rain with that red flower in her hair. Ok, femme fatale.

    Maryanne is on the cusp of being one of the most satisfying winners in years. It’s been quite the thrill to watch her step into her power.
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  20. Drea was serving Keisha in the Change video teas. That mug was beat. Queen!

    Maryanne makes the most narrative sense as a winner. She's no strategic slouch either - orchestrating a plurality blindside at Final 6 is some Cirie Fields queen shit! She would be a fantastic and unique winner.
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