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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Maryanne definitely has had a second half of the season glow up because I was not feeling her in the beginning. Lindsay is the only other acceptable option at this point.
  2. Lindsay's edit is giving me nothing except "loses the fire-making challenge" ddd
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  3. [​IMG]
    Whew, a wi-n-n-er. Congrats Maryanne, very well deserved.
  4. two great FEMALE winners back to back???? What was the last time this happened? Jenna - Sandra? Natalie W. - Sandra? I'm so glad I love this show
  5. Very satisfying ending. Maryanne was so great in the final Q&A with the jury. I'm so glad she won. I hope she's feeling proud of herself and accomplished.

    I hope next season they go back to the live finale. I don't like the immediate reaction. I like the several months of them waiting only for them to find out on live TV in front of an audience.
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  6. Maryanne's final tribal council performance was a work of art. She's an all-time favorite, second only to Sandra.

    This was an awesome season. Whoever edited this season knows how to craft a story and understands that this show is an ensemble. Everyone in the cast is important and should have their story told, not just, like, 1 or 2 guys. I wish seasons like Redemption Island, Samoa and Ghost Island were edited this way.
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  7. Was patiently waiting for crusty ass jonathan's torch to get snuffed and thankfully got rewarded.I actually thought all three finalists did a great job at ftc. Maryanne was spectacular with her answers, but Romeo surprised me with his self-awareness of how he was perceived in the game.
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  8. I was happy with the outcome but found this season kind of... boring overall? There were plenty of blindsides and good players, I just wasn't invested as prior seasons. I found last season much stronger.
  9. Absolutely loved this season and I'm so happy with the winner!
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  10. Uno


    Maryanne had everyone gagged when she whipped out that unused idol. Very satisfying winner - she killed that final tribal.
  11. Maryanne is such a great and deserving winner! I kinda wanted Jonathan to get to the end just so his smug face will receive zero votes.
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  12. The way the producers had to have told Romeo to lay it on thick with the pageant references had me screaming.

    And yeah i'm glad he didn't pretend to be some mastermind or something stupid to the jury. He was like "Nah I was at the bottom the whole time and dodged ever getting eliminated" and I much prefer the honesty. But there was no chance for him.
  13. The way Chantelle worded her question for Mike sent a shiver up my spine. She nailed him to the board and watched him squirm. Queen. Mike played such an emotional, vengeful kind of game that to hear him even breathe the word strategy was laughable.

    Anyway. Proud to be living through the reign of Maryanne. Her arc was extremely satisfying and her win richly deserved. Once she found her groove she did not put a foot wrong, culminating in that breathtakingly assured final tribal. Mike’s fumbling of the bag might not have looked so disastrous had Maryanne not been so ready to sweep. Queen.
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  14. Tori setting Mike’s ass up… purr queen of strategy.

    Maryanne is a great winner. Really liked this season in the end!
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  15. A wonderful finish to a great season with a fantastic winner.

    It's crazy what a difference good editing makes for two very similar seasons, both with the same ingredients (time restrictions, fantastic cast, advantage and gimmick saturation) and almost the same outcomes (generally compelling gameplay, advantages not ruining things, a playing-from-behind ish winner). This season kept victory narratives alive for so many players for so long, and developed them as characters in the process so well, that the whole thing was so satisfying, compared to the wildly uneven last season.

    Maryanne is such a unique and interesting winner. Perhaps not so much on gameplay grounds (on which she very neatly mirrors Queen Erika), but certainly as a character. You kept thinking the token Oversized Personality would be booted and she wasn't! That astute, magnanimous mind of hers slowly bubbled up to the top, flexing itself at exactly the right time and then narrating it all superlatively. The wig reveal at FTC... Miss Mike was scaled and gutted like a fresh tilapia! And for a young black woman to win while being and playing so 'emotionally' without toning herself down sets such a nice precedent. Ready for this Canadian WOC supremacy to continue!
  16. Wait I hadn't realized she's Canadian, QUEEN!
  17. 41 and 42 are my first real-time Survivor seasons and I also love how the casts get along post-show! They're always posting pictures with each other on Instagram, it's so wholesome. Is this normal??

    (I did start watching 40 real-time about half way in but they already knew each other obviously!)
  18. Depends on the season. Some stay very friendly over the years, like the cast from season 33 Millennials vs. Gen X. Some still hate each other, like the cast of Gabon (17).
  19. Sia gave Drea $100,000. Survivor posted the video onto their tiktok.

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