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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. It satisfies the soft underbelly of my brain when a main character like Maryanne wins the season. What a perfect representation of her season and the modern era of Survivor. Watching Mike getting roasted by all the people he'd convinced were his long lost grandchildren was a kii. He really just didn't have the astuteness and salesmanship to seal the deal at the end the way Maryanne effortlessly did. A Xander chai. Eh! I would still dance on that pole!

    Also Sia giving Drea 100,000 dollars simply because she was her favourite castaway. Let me set up a Titanium streaming farm really quick

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  2. Not the Drea video reducing me to tears, this cast was so good!!
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