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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Like the article said, I think scheduling and the cast & crew being quarantined for 14 days is the main reason.

    As for the pacing, I actually never knew that each episode included 3 days. I thought the reward challenge is on the first day and then immunity challenge & tribal council are the next day. Did they use to get one day off between these 2 days?
  2. Pre-merge yes, they have to have a one day off. Immunity challenges and tribal councils happen in the same day.

  3. I wish they would air the season in the summer but im gonna take it.
  4. I've just started Survivor 23 and Russell's nephew just infuriates me. He wants to vote out someone basically because he finds her attractive and that might be a distraction for him acting as a "man of God"...What in the actual fuck.
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  5. I'd forgotten about his existence but yeah, he was probably the worst player ever for me. I guess misogyny runs in the Hantz family.
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  6. Nn that’s easily the worst season for me, Brandon is such a dark sided character and the season is a slog as a result. The finale is kind of incredible though, so at least there’s that!
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  7. I had rage quit Survivor when they kept bringing back Russell so I picked the first season where he’s not in it as the starting point, not knowing his nephew was there… I’m worried!
  8. I’m glad Brandon wasn’t as much of a presence post-merge. That being said, the praying got weird and both Coach and Ozzy were unbearable, so Sophie ended up as the “least bad pick on a bad season” for me.

    I’ve also finished One World aka Kim’s World. What a delight she was to watch, and I’m very glad she got possibly the least bitter jury ever? That being said, the pre-merge was a mess and Colton’s “I’m not racist being my housekeeper is black” is an obvious franchise low point.
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  9. I don't know, Sophie winning SoPa made me enjoy the season a lot more on re-watches when i know how every repulsive thing Coach and co done, would bite them in the ass.

    Plus i know in my heart, Jeff seethed when she won and his boy toys got sent packing one by one by her, only to end with Sophie rolling over Coach at the final tribal. It is a dark season but i also found it eerily funny at most places.
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  10. Moved on to Philippines and Jeff just got voted off. My Republican alarm went off when he went "600k by the time Obama takes it" in his exit speech, and then I found out he contributed to a campaign against same-sex marriage in 2008.
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  11. Nn Jeff was such an arrogant piece of shit, I was glad to see him get sent home fairly swiftly. Imagine playing a sport professionally and then complaining about taxes.

    Philippines is one of my favorite later seasons so enjoy the rest of the ride!
  12. Yas Phillipines was my first season and I think it’s a very strong mid-timeline Survivor season. One of my faves personally.

    The cast, for the most part, was super dynamic.
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  13. You were right, it was an interesting season! Abi was a fantastic villain. Contrary to the cast's opinion, I do think there was a cultural element to her not meshing well with the others. That being said, I can imagine how much of a pain living with her 24/7 would have been.

    I was convinced I remembered Malcolm from Ghost Island (instead of Game Changers) so I kept expecting him to get blindsided and was so confused that it wasn't happening. I thought he was a great player until his sour grapes speech against Denise, which completely turned me off (even if he voted for her in the end).

    I have no idea where I stand with Lisa, I can't tell if she was a very good strategist or if she just lucked into making the right choices at the right time (and partnering with Mike at the right moment). Her shambolic jury presentation makes me lean towards the later...

    Mike really lost the game when he decided he couldn't stand Abi any longer, I think she was his clear ticket to a win. That being said, Denise really managed to out-maneuver everyone, and considering she was in every single tribal council, it was tough to beat that. I knew she'd won, but was still pleasantly surprised she got everyone's votes (except RC and Carter) considering how the jury acted. A great winner.
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  14. I somehow completely forgot Abi was on Philippines first! My introduction to her on a different season so I don’t inherently associate her with this season but damn is she memorable. “I’m even starting to think I have the idol!” is one of my favorite confessionals ever. Chaos personified.

    We’re in agreement re: Malcolm, I actually felt like that entire tribal council had a weird tone when a lot of the negativity towards Denise wasn’t really conveyed in her edit? Regardless it’s still a satisfying conclusion given the outcome.

    Also google Mike when you get a chance nn.
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  15. Nooo not this girl getting voted off first twice. Brutal.
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  16. Fff I hated Caramoan as a whole but the first episode was TV gold. I was sad and gagged at the same time.
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  17. Because of Cochran or other reasons?
  18. Yeah Cochran was annoying as hell and I didn't really like the rest of the cast (particularly Dawn) either. Andrea becoming one of the best strategic players was a season highlight though.
  19. I'm so confused:
    Jeff to Dana in season 25, as she's almost unconscious from pain: "We only pull you from the game if it's life threatening, so wyd"
    Jeff to Shamar in season 26, as he has abrasions on his eye: "We're pulling you from the game"
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