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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Nn I saw these on Twitter and just assumed he had started sucking and fucking by now

    If he’s holding out for another season, sis… you could probably make that with your hole
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  2. What a fantastic start!!! Shantelle, Tiffany & Evvvie were all serving high camp!!! Shan is already giving legend vibes to me. I like almost the whole cast it was a really great start.
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  3. This season looks messy! *sips sea water*

    Shan is the obvious fave but im a little disappointed she chopped Sarah who was looking to bring hysterical paranoia and iconic sound bites. Oh well. Ricard is giving cunty Fire Island queen and Genie clearly can't be arsed to play so i'll be stanning the two of them. Even the stock White Jock showed more game perception than the likes of Joe Anglim and Ozzy ever have in one episode so yes. I'm perched... amused... resting in my hammock

    I look forward to @beyoncésweave's assessment which will be the exact same as mine

  4. I will be watching this weekend because I'm quickly approach the RHONJ Season 9 reunion this week but happy to have my island bumpkins back together!
  5. Uno


    Oh, what a great cast this is already. JD is probably the only one I'm actively not enjoying, but they're giving him so much attention so he will probably be here for a long time.

    Tiffany is giving me Jill Zarin realness and I love her. Liana, Sydney, and Shan round out my faves at the moment.

    I'm worried Shan is playing too hard too quick and I'm disappointed she booted Sarah over Brad but it made for a fun tribal.
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  6. A nice first episode, but the eliminations were kinda predictable.
    Totally agree with you here.
  7. I kinda hated the editing though. The overuse of slow motion shots, the home videos, the flashbacks, it was just too much.
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  8. Shan is a great protagonist straight out the gate. Super likeable but with a hint of villainy. Ua tribe is kinda lit in general.

    Also girls, Voce is the babe of the season. I love a slightly neurotic, slightly frazzled little man.
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  9. Shan is overplaying it a bitsy. Reminded me of Missy from 39.
  10. Ricard



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  11. I enjoyed the premiere, but I guess my expectations were much higher. The only people I connected with were Liana, Heather, Sarah and Danny. Xander & Genie also seem cool. I'm not a fan of gamebots so people like JD, Shan, Evvie and Nasseer are driving me insane right off the bat.

    As for Yerger... He is BY FAR one of the most boring players the show has ever seen. A wet blanket. Very pretty, but still a wet blanket.
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  12. He is gorgeous.

    I really enjoyed the premiere. So many potential stars. Early favs: Erika, Shan, DeShawn, and yes, JD. Haha

    I feel like Ricard's going to get on my nerves, but I live for mess and drama in my reality TV, so we'll see.
  13. I think the season is off to a confusing, but still promising start.

    The weird over-sentimentality of it all is corny and misplaced, but I do appreciate that they seem to be legitimately trying to give every player a moment in the spotlight. The wokeness is being handled with all the subtly to be expected from CBS & Jeff Probst, but it should level out in time.

    The biggest question mark for me is the strange and pointless fourth wall breaking, and the stylistic montage-y editing choices. The shot of the cameramen trekking up the hill for the exile challenge like...


    I appreciate how hard it must be for the crew to lug around the equipment during scenes like that, but... what actually is the audience meant to gain from it's inclusion?

    I think the cast is very promising, but it feels like there could be a lot of growing pains to this season similar to a season like Nicaragua, where coming after a major benchmark round-number season (and in this case COVID) is going to result in some misfires.
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  14. This season is a reboot. We are changing it all up. Nothing is sacred.

    Anyway here's a challenge to move puzzle pieces down a track.
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  15. They should take note from Survivor AU. Their challenges are amazing.
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  16. Still getting to know all their names. But. Ricard I find annoying. and JD I actually like- I think he kind of overcompensates for his past being bullied by making cocky jokes. But him mentioning he used to be uncool and got bullied for it makes me see that when he talks about looking gorgeous or whatever he said- he's just using some sarcasm or whatever to compensate for past insecurities. So i'm not bothered by him.
    That tribal council was very weird to me though. I had no idea what they were doing whispering about people then voting other people. I was so lost.
  17. I think I was quite neutral to the premiere? I don't have an instant favorite but I also don't dislike anyone yet. The first half was warm enough and gave me hope that this season might be different from the last few ones but I can't help to feel overwhelmed with all the different advantages, even though I've known for a few years that I should get used to the new format.
  18. Wait how did they land on Voce, I'm so confused. Jeff whispering before Tribal sent shivers down my spine, and the way his voice was getting closer to completely giving out as the episode went on stressed me out ddd
  19. Me & @Beautiful Child 2 at Voce's surgeon salary funded funeral. Our poor little King

  20. Tiffany was dead set on him fearing Xander had an idol. Rather than vote her out and lose the numbers, Liana (who is so gorgeous, by the way) and Evvie just went along with it.
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