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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

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    Voce was super sexy and I thought he had a lot of potential as a power player, but the girls were right to keep the numbers on their side. I jaw literally dropped as it happened, but I really enjoy all of the women on Yase so I'm here for it.
  2. Given that I don't think there will be a tribe swap next episode, the yellow team might be in danger of losing again nn. Poor Xander and his butterflies if the other tribes don't find the idol.
  3. I feel cheated out of seeing him get the full tanned, stubbled Survivor makeover.
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    Xander is the quintessential Survivor player that fans grovel over and beg to return but never does any better despite multiple attempts. I wouldn't be mad at his tribe losing next and him leaving.
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  5. Tiffany is insane and I am upset they let her run the vote when she is clearly unhinged.
  6. I stan Tiffany. I think she played her hand pretty well and served some sass doing it.
  7. [​IMG]

    My correct thoughts in more detail:
    • The cast is pretty strong overall? Just the right amount of players here to play (and some without necessarily being good at it like JD dd) and hopeless and messy ones (Brad and Tiffany yas!). The diversity quota has really made things spicy (not just in terms of ethnicity and sexuality, but age as well). The fact that there are only two straight white men (i.e. four of the last five winners) to endure!
    • Shan is obviously who the girls and the gays should stan. She is the Lord’s Instrument, and He will guide ha. “I’ll blindside you but I’ll pray for you!” and inspiring musical cues on the show from her interior soundtrack… not everybody has that! I also stan lazy-drawled goddess Liana and Canucky puzzle queen Erika.
    • All the advantages and tricksies Jeff had the coke-fuelled productions interns in his basement cook up are far too much. The shot in the dark thing has the potential to genuinely shake up gameplay, but the prisoners’ dilemma one is only cute when people don’t get to discuss it beforehand and the beware advantage is way too unfair, not to mention stupid!
    • I feel like they’re chucking a bunch of ideas at the wall to see what sticks for the Next Evolution Of The Game (slow mo! Jeff breaking the fourth wall! Cameras in shot! Extended backstories!). Most are harmless, but it really feels experimental at times. It’s enjoyable enough so far though!
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  8. Caught up over the weekend and I feel like this three way idol twist is going to end up being a total clusterfuck?

    It's an exciting time to be watching, and I'm happy with the willingness to keep things loose and interesting: nothing feels static, which is a unique position for the show to be in this late into its life cycle.
  9. I'm sure the phrase thing for the idols sounded good on paper, but these phrases are so absurd and the thought that they have to repeat them every. single. time. until they get a match, I'm cringing...

    Also not feeling the storytelling through flashbacks.
  10. Eh. Im enjoying the antics as per Survivor standard but it's becoming a bit of a chop narratively. Every episode i just feel confused about the journey the game took that led to the eliminated castaway being eliminated. They spend virtually no time on social dynamics and the whole episode orbits around these convoluted non-advantages that are just obstacles in peoples games for the sake of being obstacles. The shot in the dark twist was cool in itself. Everything else feels laborious

    I was actually quite warming to Brad and Genie being the queer (plus ally) vegan hiker friends that ended the gamebot clique but rest in cow shit i suppose

  11. I truly miss when they would spend entire segments on social dynamics within a tribe, that's the psychological warfare and emotional porn that I love. Watching people rally together against the elements while malnourished and slightly dehydrated only to have to cut off one of their own like a sick limb is what give the early seasons the gravitas that the current seasons often miss.

    I know Thailand gets shat on but during quarantine I gave it a re-watch and Erin's boot episode was actually quite visceral? The entire tribe was so emotional about having to vote someone out at that stage that everything post-challenge was dedicated to them saying goodbye, culminating in one of the most familial tribal councils in the series.

    This show is a forever fave for me but they just don't it like that anymore.

    Also I know he's a cop but Ken from Thailand could unload in my hole.
  12. [​IMG]

    Thailand is actually a very captivating season if you are up for its darkness. It feels like an Ari Aster movie with how dark each episode gets and Brian just wins because people hated and despised Clay more.

    Helen's jury speech is one of shows finest moments and it is bit of a crime she never came back.
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  13. I had kinda forgotten but Thailand really made for a miserable watch, yet kinda captivating at the same time.
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  14. This episode was just boring idol talk.
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  15. I'd never rate Thailand as one of the worst seasons of Survivor. It drags a lot towards the end, but it's kinda fascinating watching Brian's gameplay. To me, he's always been the best one-time winner in the show's history. Also, Helen (or even Robb!) not returning is a massive crime, especially when she was literally about to pack her bags for All Stars when they called her to say she had been replaced by Kathy.

    And yes, Ken is a snack.
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  16. Thailand is not the worst season because Fiji exists. If it wasn't for the whole Yau-Man/Dreamz drama it would've been unwatchable! Poor Michelle was caught in one of the worst twists ever!

    Australian Survivor has been kicking ass and topping the American for a while now, but I think they fail to produce iconic winners (besides The All Stars Seasons).

    But back to the current season, the (dis)advantages are pretty cringey and are adding nothing to really shake the game so far. Pull a Pearl Islands and return with all the voted out players as a surprise tribe please?
  17. Heather flopping spectacularly in the only challenge she’s done all season. Queen.
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  18. This season is becoming a chore to get through? I was on my phone the whole time.
  19. I thought this latest episode was amazing! The edit of the challenge was brilliant and I genuinely didn't know what would happen in the tribal.
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  20. I thought it was the first really entertaining episode of the season, even if most of the entertainment was derived from terrible, daft gameplay.

    I will never understand why contestants like Erika start playing hard when there is absolutely no need for it! She decided to target Sydney because she was…bored? Girl, be bored! It’s a million fucking dollars! All she had to do this week was sit around and win another challenge but instead…

    …she inspired her own tribe to throw a challenge. It’s like…the stupidity was infectious this week. Deshawn and Danny’s plot was completely illogical. Like, keep what you know about Erika and use it against her when it suits you. Don’t rush headlong into an unnecessary tribal. Are they really that confident of their grip on the game?

    Cocksucker of the week has to go to J.D though. I was waiting for a twist because his unthinking submission to Shan seemed…too easy? Like who trusts like that on fucking Survivor?! Happy to see him go - bad at gameplay, bad at challenges, bad at picking previous contestants to model himself on - but I can’t help wondering if it would have served Shan better to get rid of Genie and keep J.D in her pocket? I just hope she has some kind of security heading into the merge/a tribe switch.
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